BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus introduces Civil Engineering Programme

Dubai – MENA Herald: With the forthcoming World Expo 2020 in Dubai and growing opportunities for Civil engineers in UAE and Gulf countries, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus has now enhanced its offerings by introducing B.E. Civil Engineering programme from the academic year 2016-17. Due approval for this has been received from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai.
Civil Engineering is instrumental in developing the country’s infrastructure as it deals with planning, design, construction, sustenance and maintenance of physical and naturally built environment that improves mobility and convenience for its society. Civil engineering education focuses on structures, foundations, ports and waterways, transportation and environmental engineering. Components such as Construction management, sustainable development, smart cities, infrastructure management have also become important in today’s Civil Engineering education. Civil engineers also work to protect the society from natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes, cyclones and floods, as well as help to manage our water and energy resources bearing an important responsibility towards the public.
The 4-year programme will follow the modular structure with various flexibilities and options such as Electives, Practice School components, etc. The curriculum will provide broad-based foundation along with conceptual knowledge and skills of engineering design, planning, execution and management through specialized courses in Structures, Construction, Water Resources, Transportation, Environmental engineering and infrastructure management under the guidance of experienced faculty.Practice School is a unique component of BITS Pilani programmes wherein the students are exposed to the professional world through Industry internship for 7.5 months and get hands on experience in solving real time problems.
At the introduction of the new programme, Dr. R.N. Saha, Director, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus said “Civil Engineering graduates are highly sought after by design firms, engineering consultants, materials manufacturers and government agencies in addition to construction companies.Graduates will not only have an option to work as Project Engineers, Structural Designers, Transportation Planners and researchers, but can also work with government agencies such as Roads and Transport Authorities, Electricity and Water Authorities and Real Estate Development. I am sure this profession will be very popular amongst students in the Gulf given the very significant level of Civil Engineering work undertaken here.”
The programme is open to students completing higher secondary school this year and enrolments for August 2016 will commence soon.

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