GEMS Our Own Indian School to provide student scholarships for international universities

Dubai – MENA Herald: GEMS Our Own Indian School has partnered with the Lassonde School of Engineering, York University, Canada, to create higher educational opportunities and scholarships for its students. This partnership kick-starts a programme that the Indian-curriculum school hopes to benefit students looking at universities in the west.
One of the driving forces behind the partnership is to ensure avenues for talented students to pursue their preferred degrees in world renowned international institutions.
During a visit to the school earlier this year, York University were impressed by the large pool of intelligent and motivated students they interacted with. Inspired by this interaction, the university is now offering scholarships to two students to join the Lassonde School of Engineering. The university offers a number of strands in the engineering programme, with Bio-Engineering as their latest addition apart from a number of science degree programmes.
Lalitha Suresh, Principal, GEMS Our Own Indian School, said: “As an educational institution, it is our responsibility that we provide our students with all developmental tools that prepare them for their future. By partnering with esteemed international universities through the pre-university courses and scholarships, the students can begin to carve a path of success for themselves.”
In recognising the growing global importance of preparing children for university, GEMS Our Own Indian School is also looking to partner with York University in offering pre-university courses (PUC). This will allow for high school students to be introduced to the challenging, intellectual and highly stimulating university environment besides also providing the additional year required to enable eligibility for admissions in American and Canadian universities.
The PUC programme will also allow for students to be exposed to visiting professors and international curricula. “This could potentially raise student’s attainment and the expected enrichment and extension of the curriculum,” explained Suresh.
Sir Christopher Stone, Chief Education Officer for GEMS Education shared his excitement by saying, “Partnerships like this, with leading universities in the world, are not just a testament to the high achievements of Our Own Indian School and other GEMS Schools, but it is just further evidence that the UAE is now considered to be a hub for educational excellence. We look forward to partnering with many more leading colleges and universities in the world.”
GEMS Our Own Indian School is also exploring opportunities with other universities to expand the scholarship and PUC programme.

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