Visit to ‘Museum of the Future’ enthralls ISAS students

Dubai – MENA Herald: As part of its efforts to acclimatize students with future trends and UAE’s preparedness for the years to come, International School of Arts and Sciences (ISAS), managed by the leading academic solutions provider Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI), recently conducted a study tour to Dubai’s iconic attraction Museum of the Future. Inaugurated in Madinat Jumeirah, ISAS students were the first visitors from a school to witness the surreal display of cutting-edge technology alongside theoretical models that hold the potential to address some of the pressing needs of society.
Museum of the Future was exhibited on the eve of World Government Summit, which attracted global leaders and thinkers to share knowledge and expertise on the leading global platform. The aspiring scientists and technology enthusiasts explored futuristic prototypes and emerging services that did not just provide a glimpse of the future, but also challenged modern concepts of innovation and creativity. Particularly fascinating amongst the exhibition was a prototype that promised an extra boost while sprinting. Students that aspired a career in medicine were mesmerized by a nano-capsule model that sought protection from harmful bacteria and viruses.
Another popular attraction was a unique real-time nano—earplug translator that provided on-the-go translation of foreign languages, facilitating easier travel and blurring the barriers of language. This futuristic product is also in line with Dubai’s Vision to unite the global community that transcends the medium of language.
The rejuvenating session was a part of the school’s continued efforts to prepare students for “a new era of accelerated knowledge and great technological revolutions,” and build a pool of productive and inspired individuals that realize the ambitions and dreams of the UAE.

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