du introduces Smart Healthcare Programme at UAE Innovation Week

Dubai – MENA Herald: du has introduced the Smart Healthcare Programme on UAE Innovation Week at the interactive du stands displaying how innovation can help save lives!

The Smart Healthcare Programme will address global healthcare issues, including risk of incorrect emergency diagnosis and lack of patient history access, as well as position Dubai as a global E-Health hub. The aim of the programme is to use the current and future Smart City infrastructure to embed medical record profiles into every resident’s Emirates ID. This profile will provide GPS applications for Smart Devices and Emirates ID-enabled chips for real-time access, speeding up the medical emergency response and intervention time to save lives. This system will enable all medical entities in UAE to be connected to it. Moreover, all UAE entities will have a unified record system based on the E-ID which will save money, improve emergency response, and leverage access to healthcare in the UAE. Having patients’ medical histories, including previously prescribed medication, allergies, surgery and other medical procedures in one place will lead to savings and better care, helps avoid repetition of prescribed tests and results in overall convenience, leading to increased satisfaction levels.

The benefits that this technology can offer are exponential: it has the potential to increase life expectancy by offering intelligent treatment in a timely manner and eliminating the cost of poor medical care quality and wrong medical prescriptions hazards. In addition, the technology will enable patients to be reached regardless of their position using GPS applications enabled on smart wearable devices.

“We are addressing a global healthcare issue by identifying the root of the cause and offering a tangible and innovative future solution today. Our aim is to become the lifestyle partner of choice for the citizens of the UAE. Our business works in tandem with a variety of partners to ensure that the products and services we offer are of the best quality and really add value to life, and we are all set to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and all related authorities to execute the Smart Healthcare Programme, which supports our efforts to position the UAE as a global force across a number of industries and aid in its diversification to a knowledge based economy. The newly launched programme will not only position the Emirates as a global leader in the area of health, but also as a front runner in big data assimilation and segregation,” said Samer Geissah, Vice President, Consumer, New business and Innovation.  

The project is special as it is a result of an internal Innovation campaign within the company, which saw three staff members, Basem Temraz, Mohamed Abdallah and Fathi Abdeldayem, put forward the proposal for implementing this technology.

“We are very proud of our staff that took part in our internal innovation campaign to come up with this revolutionary idea. This project is a celebration of the value that the staff lend to our company on a daily basis, to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovating for a better life,” Geissah continued.

The end to end Smart City Health Applications will be enabled by the world class technology and network infrastructure that the UAE boasts of. Furthermore, the technology will connect hospitals, clinics and pharmacies under one platform to reduce medical hazards from wrong diagnosis.

Medical record updates will be continuous, updated by authorised doctors and hospitals whenever a patient is admitted to any hospital or clinic across the UAE. The information that will be collected includes a full blood picture, heart condition, sugar condition, hypertension condition, liver and kidney functions, current medical treatment, allergies and geographic genetic mapping.

To find out more about this and other du innovations get down to Jumeirah Beach Residence between November 22 and 28 to see future technologies today at du’s interactive stands.

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