HAAD Reveals Revamped Smartphone Application

Abu Dhabi – MENA Herald: The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has unveiled a revamped mobile application. The application boasts a number of new user friendly features further facilitating customer care and making services that were once only available through visiting HAAD customer service centres, now only a click of a button away.

H.E. Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi said: “The aim of this app is to facilitate communication with the community, improve the quality of services and quickly respond to peoples’ needs. This initiative of ours is in line with the UAE government’s vision for a future in which the government does not sleep, offers people services 24/7, and works 365 days a year focused on delivering high-quality customer services at the touch of a button.”

H.E. Al Khaili added: “This revamped version takes into account feedback we’ve received from the community. The vaccination record and tracking will enable users to access information on specific vaccines and also a log of their individual vaccination history. We have included new features in the app that will enable patients to access the cost of each medical transaction and allow them to rate healthcare professional performance all in a bid to empower patients, incentivise professionals and improve the overall quality of Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector. We really see this app as a time saver and one that will act as people’s day-to-day healthcare tracker.”

For the public who need to visit HAAD, the m-booking feature, a customer service ticketing system will reduce customer waiting time and will improve time efficiencies and increase organisational productivity.

Besides the services for members of the public, the application also includes a ‘Professionals’ section designed to provide healthcare professionals with valuable information, as well as a number of functional features that will enable them to apply for exam bookings, obtaining good standing certificates or even Healthcare Professional Licensing transfers.

Ali Mohammed Al Ali, IT Manager in HAAD said: “HAAD is investing in integrated health information systems to improve the overall quality of care and ensure patients’ health & safety. We’re delighted that this new app will better cater to the needs of all those that require our services – from members of the public to healthcare professionals.”

The new features of the HAAD app (now available on Google Play and iTunes):

Personal / individual

  • M-nurse: Enables you to schedule reminders to take medicine via app notifications
  • M-patient: Enables you to review previous treatment logs and data from insurance claims
  • Vaccine:  Enables you to access information on specific vaccines and also a log of your individual vaccination history


  • M-booking: Book to make an appointment at HAAD through your phone (replaces traditional ticketing system)
  • Access Public rating of physicians

Healthcare Professionals

Enables to healthcare professionals to apply for the following:

  • Good standing certificates
  • Exam booking
  • Hospital services
  • M-payment: Enables you to Pay for license application online
  • Track application
  • PQR: Enables professionals to take a questionnaire to determine their eligibility/what prerequisites they need to apply for practicing license
  • Healthcare Professional Licensing cancellation
  • Healthcare Professional Licensing transfer location
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