Egyptian Tourism Authority supports “Talking about our homelands” Initiative

Jeddah – MENA Herald: Egyptian Tourism Authority has announced its sponsorship of the ‘Talking about our homelands’ initiative. This activity has been launched by the Council of Arab Youth Integrated Development under the auspices of the Arab League, in Cairo, which coincides with the World Youth Day.
The initiative, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority, targets Arab youth. These youngsters were invited to participate and showcase their history and national symbols of their countries through various mediums of expression to portray positive images about their home countries, and support Arab tourism through initiating an effective dialogue between Arab youth.
The initiative, which extends between August 11 to 15 in the city of Cairo is meant to complement the Youth Council programs, which mainly aims to fight intellectual extremism. This initiative included targeting historical tourist sites where participants visited to learn about the History and development of the Arab countries.
Commenting on the launch of the initiative Samy Mahmoud, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority said, “Choosing Egypt to launch this great initiative is a source of pride for us as Egyptians. Egypt has always been the cradle of history in the region, so it is an ideal platform to revive and support such initiatives dealing with general youth issues and to support the national tourism in particular.
Within this initiative we will witness the launch of another section called the “Arab youth for the love of Egypt”, which aims to promote tourism and encourage Arab youth to visit Egypt and spend their holidays there. This is done by introducing them to the most important tourist and archaeological attractions that suit their interests.
Under the ‘Talking about our homelands’ initiative, 150 young Arab participants will go on a journey to visit 5 Egyptian governorates that are renowned for their history and culture. These visits will be documented and showcased during the closing ceremony. During the ceremony the participants will showcase their best work and the winner will be announced and awarded “the Arab Youth Council Award for integrated development”, which has been held for the tenth year in a row.

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