Dubai – MENA Herald: Traverger launches to propel travel and destination brands to the forefront of online conversations in the age of hyper-competition and fragmented attention. The travel, leisure and hospitality industry which is challenged by an influx of tech-savvy operators and disruptive platforms, is further stressed by shifting consumer demographics, preferences, attitudes and expectations. Traverger, a new digital agency focused purely on travel and hospitality brands, equips clients to engage with increasingly elusive guests and time-poor travellers with powerful solutions born at the convergence of technology, public relations, social media and online advertising.
“Travel and hospitality brands have complex and unique marketing needs that are different from traditional FMCG products. Online visibility and engagement is at the heart of driving innovation in brand communication and marketing. Our expertise in strategic planning and understanding of key feeder market dynamics is complimented by our insights on how potential guests or customers interact with online brand messages” said Gaurav Sinha, the Founder & CEO of Insignia Worldwide Group, the parent company that owns and operatesTraverger.
Traverger’s creative technologists deploy the latest principles of user experience to design seamless web and mobile customer journeys that capture leads, drive performance and maximise online yields. Traverger’s engagement specialists adopt a compelling framework to activating online communities and inspiring advocacy. Social media strategists support this endeavour by establishing unique propositions for each individual social media platform with a fluid agility that enables clients to swiftly ‘ride the waves’ of fleeting trends. Robust ‘online visibility packages’ designed by Traverger’s media analysts ensure that engagement activities are amplified and delivered to relevant audiences across the spectrum of online, mobile and social touch-points.
“At Traverger, it’s all about micro-moment, multi-screen marketing. Agile, effective and targeted messaging that connects brands to potential customers in key markets. The dynamics of marketing travel and hospitality brands warrants a completely different approach, where your understanding of feeder markets and online consumer behaviour is far more complex that traditional segments.” emphasizes Sinha.
Insignia Worldwide Group’s (IWG) portfolio includes Insignia, a well-renowned brand enrichment company, established in 2003 and Circadian, an experiential and interior design studio established in 2014. The Group is headquartered in Dubai, with representative offices in London, Oslo and Sydney.
Together, the combined creative force of Insignia Worldwide Group has created inspirational experiences for 180 hotels and resorts across 20 countries, over 160 restaurants and lifestyle venues, 58 new restaurant concepts, and 34 pre-openings in 14 countries.

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