“360 Business Consultancy” launches its first bespoke tailored Arabic media and communication training Program

Dubai – MENA Herald: “360 Business Consultancy”, the region’s leading UAE based public relations and Arabic content development firm, announced yesterday the launch of its “Tahaddath” training program, which will offer an advanced media and communication coaching program in Arabic language specially tailored for heads of government entities and private companies and institutions in the UAE and the region. The program aims to raise the bar on media engagement and enhance media dialogue in Arabic language through traditional and digital media platforms. It empowers officials and spokespeople and supports them to deliver compelling narrative and communicate their messages efficiently to the public with clarity and confidence by helping them to understand the multiple facets of this dynamic industry, which is crucial to unlock further value from the ever-changing local media landscape and harness the opportunities available across various platforms.
Speaking on “Tahaddath” Training program, Mohammad Baida, Founding Partner and Head of Strategy and Business Development at “360 Business Consultancy” said: “360 Business Consultancy is launching “Tahaddath” training program to prepare and coach senior officials and spokespeople in both public and private sectors and equip them with the necessary skills to establish positive communication and handle various media scenarios with confidence. The first of its kind Arabic training program is custom designed to serve a vast array of executives and business leaders who engage directly with media. ”
“Training and skill development sector is one of the fundamental growth areas in the UAE as it continues its ambitious journey towards building an established knowledge economy and 360 Business Consultancy’s “Tahaddath” program is our very first training initiative in this area and it was carefully designed building on a thorough study and deep knowledge of today’s media landscape requirements and in accordance with best practices and global skills in order to create a strategic and sustainable win-win partnerships between media and business sectors and achieve a complete integration of efforts in light of the comprehensive development and the significant cultural shift witnessed in the UAE,” Baida added.
360 Business Consultancy adopts a partnership-based business approach that builds on strategic partnerships with private and public institutions, government entities communication departments and a vast array of media firms, as well as public relations agencies in order to harness the long expertise and the competitive edge of these media players and attain a full integration strategy.
Established in 2015, the company has drawn the attention of a large number of partners working in both public and private sectors, due to its unique business model that brings through a team of experienced industry experts and media professionals a full suite of innovative initiatives aligned with the strategies of these institutions and companies and the overall UAE vision aimed at promoting Arabic language and restoring its global cultural influence.

“360 Business Consultancy”, founded by a group of former journalists and media and economic professionals and experts with broad relevant experience gained from long years working in the UAE media houses, aims to provide its deep industry knowledge and first-hand experience in various economic fields for established companies and institutions and business start-ups in order to hone their capabilities and provide them with all the strategic media solutions and consultancy enabling them to engage successfully with media in order to unlock their competitive edge, build their reputation and reinforce their position in the local community in addition to the exceptional focus on Arabic language which is the UAE’s official language. “360 Business Consultancy” also provides a full suite of training programs specially tailored for PR and media professionals and students in order to bridge the gap and unify concepts and work mechanisms, in addition to providing content Arabization and translation services to develop first class eloquent and perfect language in accordance with best scientific methodologies and approaches.

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