The Launch of El Beit TV show Season “3” Press Conference

Dubai – MENA Herald: Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre (HHC) held a press conference yesterday, 28 December 2015, to announce the launch of El Beit TV show – Season 3. The press conference was held at Dubai Studio City, in El Beit’s production studio. Members of the press and guests were taken on a behind-the-scene tour as the show has one week to go before airing its first episode.

El Beit programme me, the dedicated poetry show was launched based on the directives of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

At the press conference, the first episode of this popular show was announced, it will be aired on Dubai Al Oula TV on Monday 4th of January 2016.

The new edition of El Beit TV Show will witness major changes. Foremost, the renowned Lebanese Film director Bassem Christo, is now onboard this growing in popularity show. Bassem is an award winner for his outstanding work,  among which he won “best director” in 1997 at the Beirut Film Festival.

At the conference, the new mechanism of the show was revealed. The show’s season 3 will consist of 16 episodes, aired every Monday at 10:30pm on Dubai TV. On the sixth episode, winners of the previous episode will be shortlisted. The second half of the programme me will also include six winners who will be shortlisted for the finals. Meanwhile, the finals will include only two contestants from each of the programme me’s competitions.

The Competition

Like the previous two seasons, the third season of the show also consists of Chater and Nabd Al Soura (Imagery Pulse) competitions.  The Chater is the first part of poem which is released every week at 5pm on Dubai TV and Twitter, and participants are requested to complete it. The winner will be shortlisted by the jury and then chosen by the committee of judges during the show.

At the end of each episode an image captured by the camera of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. Participants in this competition are requested to send a line of poetry relevant to the image. The week after the image revelation, the winner and runners-up of Nabd Al Soura are announced.  

Similar to last season, the total weekly prizes are worth AED 400,000/- and the winner of each competition will win 1 million UAE Dirhams in the finale.

Additionally, each episode will host a renowned “Nabaty” poet to perform in a certain style a type of verse known as “Al Shallah”.


The show will be aired every Monday for 16 episodes, and the 15th episode will bring together the 2 semifinalists to compete against each other and will result in 2 winners in the finale, 1 winner from “Nabd Al Soura” and 1 winner from “Al Shater”.

Each winner will walk away with 1million AED.

The variety of poetry schools

HHC was keen to bring to the show a number of renowned GCC poets in an effort to expand the sphere of selection best entries and shortlisting them from across the entire region.

For his part, HE Abdullah Hamdan bin Dalmouk, CEO of Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre said: “Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum we are proud to be launching the third season of El Beit which was organized to showcase cultural, educational and poetic initiatives that are rooted in our heritage. This plays a vital role in building bridges of communication between the nations’s past and its present. It also attracts young people and motivates them to explore their cultural heritage, embracing their natural role in perpetuating the poetic heritage of the UAE, the programme  records the cultural heritage and its development while making new stars.”

He added: ” El Beit is one of the largest television programme s produced globally on the technical, cultural and intellectual levels, and in its third season introduces the various poetry schools the selective juries belong to, which in turn will enhance the show from various aspects”.

Welcoming members of the press, Bin Dalmook said, “You have been our best partners in supporting this nonprofit TV programme  since it was launched, conveying and portraying the messages of this true heritage of Nabaty, while revealing the innovative concept of the programme me and it’s smart composition, which is one of a kind.”

Welcoming the media and invited guests he thanked the work for their efforts and tireless endeavors to make the programme  more memorable, Majid Abdul Rahman Al Bastaki, the Coordinator of El Beit programme me said: ” The second session of “El Beit” programme  witnessed great development, both in terms of public interest, and creative poetic interaction, as well as the development of the programme . Surpassing all expectations, the third season goes further in the prospects of the innovations we have sought, from which we took advantage of the notes and remarks given to us by the poets themselves from the previous seasons. Poets have also benefited from the platforms of social media to showcase their works since it’s the medium of participation in “El Beit”. Through the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, El Beit contribute to evoke the taste of “Nabaty” poetry through a competitive format that fuels the competitive edge of the participants, and highlights new stars names, some of them did not find the opportunity to disclose their potential, and most importantly, this great interaction brought forward the poetic content out to the public.”

Concluded Al Bastaki “It is important in this respect that I thank everyone who contributed to “El Beit” programme me in every honorable and distinguished way, which was led by the programme me’s team, both for fellow poets jury members or colleagues, members of the screening committee during the preparation and presentation and production teams behind the cameras, thanks does not exclude certainly all colleagues at HHC, we promise certainly an exciting third season that features new angles in production and mechanisms at all levels “.

It is worth noting that the third season of El Beit has undergone many renewed aspects to make this season even more outstanding. This is in line with its overwhelming popularity among different segments of society in the UAE and the GCC.

Reday and set to go, the launch of the first episode of the third season, will be aired on Monday, 4th of January 2016 on Dubai Al Oula TV.

Members of the Jury

The juries committee of “Nabd Al Sourah” consist of the Emirati poet Awad Khalifa bin Hasom Al-Darmaki, and the Kuwaiti poet Saud Tasoub, and the Omani poet Hmoud Bin Wahqah.

In the segment of “Al Shater”, the outstanding Qatari poet Mubarak Abdulla Al Khalifa joined the members of the jury committee, and the UAE poet Mohammed Al Muhairi, and the Kuwaiti poet Nayef Al- Rashidi, in addition to the Saudi poet Mudgham Abu Shaybah.

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