65% of Dubai motorists neglect try safety measures – Bridgestone survey reveals

Dubai – MENA Herald: Bridgestone Middle East and Africa FZE today released results from a survey on motorists in Dubai, gauging their awareness of tyre safety. The findings reveal that almost 65% of all respondents do not check the condition of their vehicle’s tyres regularly.

The survey conducted at the recently held Safety Station campaign in Dubai Marina Mall and Times Square Center in June, shows that many drivers neglect basic tyre safety measures and travel in vehicles that are potentially unsafe. Of those drivers who did not check their tyres on a regular basis, 66% did not know how to do so and 17% did not remember.

“Our survey results clearly show that many drivers are unaware of how to conduct basic tyre checks. Checking tyre air pressure is a very simple task and should be done at least once a month. Tyres must also be inspected often for cracks, bulges and any foreign objects lodged in them. Regular maintenance can prevent accidents and save money by improving fuel-efficiency,” said Evelina Voynova, G.M., Administration, Bridgestone Middle East & Africa FZE, in charge of CSR & Tyre Safety related initiatives.

Additional information from the survey shows that almost 17% of respondents were not aware of the correct air pressure for their vehicle. This information can be found on the driver’s door frame or in the owner’s handbook. An even greater number – 34% did not know about the ‘tread wear indicator’ on tyres. These are raised bars that are moulded into the grooves of tyres. Tyres should be replaced when the tread wear indicators are at the same level as that of the tyre surface.

“Bridgestone is committed to educating motorists and to encourage the practice of tyre and vehicle safety, we distributed compact air pressure gauges to survey participants during the Safety Station campaign.  All visitors at the station had the opportunity to learn how to conduct tyre, engine oil, battery and wiper checks with the assistance of Bridgestone staff. The campaign which was conducted in partnership with Robert Bosch Middle East FZE and Nasser Bin Abdullatif Alserkal Est. will be followed by similar campaigns in Lebanon, Oman, Egypt, Mauritius and Morocco”, added Evelina.

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