Safari Expert Osama Ghazi Explores Saudi Arabia’s Heritage in Land Rover’s Latest ‘My Journey, My Inspiration’ Film

Dubai – MENA Herald: Driving its MYLAND regional communications platform forward, Land Rover has once more worked closely with one of the region’s forerunners, an individual who has gone above and beyond to realise his achievements.

Osama Ghazi, CEO of AlJazirah Safari tour company and adventure enthusiast from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the most recent addition to Land Rover’s ‘My Journey, My Inspiration’ film series which was launched earlier this year to tell the stories of achievers from the region. The new inspiring film profiles the man behind the journey, his land and his triumphs.

Filled with a passion for his land and a need to share this, Osama has played an active role over the last few years in redefining tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with hopes to reach the wider GCC audience as well. Using his creativity, Osama created the AlJazirah Safari concept two years ago to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia and has watched his project grow ever since.

Offering an innovative and pioneering approach to the usual tour company services, Osama designed the AlJazirah Safari experiences to offer individuals a glimpse into the rich historical, touristic and geographical sites which can be found in abundance across the Kingdom.

Talking about the birth of his passion, Osama said: “MYLAND is a path to creativity and exploration. It gives you a sense of belonging. You feel a strong connection with your land and a need to support it.”

Successful in bringing together adventure and safari lovers from all over, Osama’s tailored adventures continue to give individuals the chance to rediscover the Kingdom from North to South in thrilling and soul-stirring expeditions.

Osama started taking his children along with him on the AlJazirah Safari tours from a young age to immerse them in the beauty and nature of their land. “MYLAND means community, history, the future, my mother, my father, my children, my spouse.”

The beautiful film is now live across Land Rover’s virtual platform MYLAND and social channels, featuring striking clips of Osama driving the Land Rover LR4 through scenic desert locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Commenting on the latest film, Chris Wilde, Brand Director for Jaguar Land Rover MENA says, “MYLAND was created as a platform to showcase inspirational stories about people, places, heritage and culture. Osama Ghazi launched AlJazirah Safari for the exact same reasons, which is why we are extremely excited to be able to share his story in this new episode.”

He continued: “This video will encourage many people, across several age groups in the Middle East to rediscover and celebrate their lands. Pioneers like Osama are the reason that we don’t lose sight of our roots and are able to keep heritage and history alive throughout the years.”
Produced by Emirati film director and friend of the Land Rover brand, Ali Mostafa, and directed by Emirati filmmaker Ahmed Abdulqader, the film is now live on MYLAND.LANDROVER-ME.COM.

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