V-KOOL™ opens 3 new showrooms in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – MENA Herald: V-KOOL, the specialist brand of high performance sputtered window film for automotive and architectural glass, opened 3 showrooms in Abu Dhabi at Marina Mall, Mazyad Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall. The new launches are part of the organization’s mission to provide the best possible customer experience for customers of V-KOOL because this investment is to meet the growing needs of customers who want to shop in the mall and enjoy the convenience of having their cars tinted con-currently. Present at the inaugurations were Mr. KT Govindarajan, President, V-KOOL, KAPICO Group, staff and other guests.
From the time V-KOOL was introduced in UAE, discerning customers enjoyed the high quality offerings from V-KOOL™. All V-KOOL Solitaire Series films incorporate proprietary XIR technology that reflects selective infra-red wavelengths, making it the optimal choice for those looking to protect their vehicle’s interiors as well as provide a luxurious car ride as solar heat is being reduced significantly.
One of the key products available at the outlets includes the Ultramaster™ series. The total care solution package consists of services for paint preservation, shine durability, rain repellent and dirt prevention.
For the more astute customer, the VK 55 film and VK70 from V-KOOL™’s Solitaire series are the favourite choice for those seeking relief from the intense summer heat. The film is a sputtered film made with precious rare metals such as gold. This helps to keep the film optically clear, and maintain the transparency of the auto glass with minimal reflective effects that is typically found in other metallic films.
“The way consumers make purchasing decisions has dramatically altered: as evident from several online stores the proximity of the retail counters also plays a major part in the decision making process. Keeping the above in mind V-KOOL has identified a need to be easily accessible to consumers in every corner of the Emirates,” said Mr. K T Govindarajan, President, V-KOOL, KAPICO Group. “This ease of accessibility will also help us win new costumers and provide them with the V-KOOL experience and these factors influenced the decision to acquire three Car Plus outlets in Abu Dhabi recently namely in Abu Dhabi Mall, Mazyad mall & Marina Mall. We have transformed the outlets with a new look to serve the consumers of Abu Dhabi.”
For easy accessibility and customer convenience, V-KOOL now has a plethora of retail showrooms across all the Emirates.

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