BLOOVO.COM’s research reveals that strong employer brand is a key decision-making factor for 47% of GCC job seekers

Dubai – MENA Herald: Latest research by online social recruitment platform BLOOVO.COM reveals that job seekers consider employer branding one of the top factors when applying for new jobs. 47.4% hold that brand reputation is the single most important criteria when looking for suitable positions.

The results come from BLOOVO.COM’s recent survey, aimed at garnering insight into employer habits and candidate preferences.

“Our survey results show that employer branding and company reputation is one of the key factors for candidates looking for jobs, and becomes increasingly important as seniority rises. Our research shows that developing a strong employer brand is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd and attract high potential talent,” says BLOOVO.COM’s CEO Ahmad Khamis.

BLOOVO.COM’s survey results correlate with companies showing increased willingness to spend on creating attractive employer brands. “Our research is showing that investing in a sound employer brand is once again top priority. Spending on employer branding has increased significantly over the past two years. Organisations are being proactive and using more outbound channels, like online professional networks and social media, to establish themselves as a preferred place to work,” Khamis adds.

BLOOVO.COM’s research also delivers insights into the best ways of establishing a strong employer brand.

“Apart from the use of social channels, there are other simple steps employers can take to bolster their standing. Some of those steps are ensuring that the only jobs on the brands’ careers page are current and still accepting applications, highlight the company’s culture, and make sure that the candidates can see a clear growth path. The last point is key, because our survey indicates 42.1% of employees believe a clear path to progression is the most critical element in their decision-making process,” Khamis says.

When using social media to reach out, BLOOVO.COM urges employer companies to share meaningful content, engage effectively, and respond to feedback and criticism. “Candidates don’t like being left hanging due to a complete lack of response. Responding clearly and effectively on social media as well as providing feedback to job applicants are key elements for enhancing employers strong branding”, he adds.

BLOOVO.COM also recommends that employers build a strong brand by turning existing employees into brand ambassadors and activate a strong referrals programme. “Leads from existing employees are usually of very high quality, and there is genuine interest on all sides to make the new appointment work,” Khamis states.

Other simple BLOOVO.COM tips for supercharging employer brands include telling compelling stories, creating complete profiles, and including company branding and logos in all communication, online or otherwise.

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