DMCA celebrates creativity and encourages culture of innovation among staff

Dubai – MENA Herald: The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has honored a group of talented employees for their innovative ideas which will have a positive impact in advancing the development of the maritime sector and turn Dubai into one of the world’s most important maritime and logistics. The recognition was given during a special ceremony celebrating innovation and creativity in the DMCA held in the presence of Amer Ali, Executive Director, and in line with the Maritime Authority’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within the local maritime sector. Innovation is considered a key pillar for making the emirate one of the most comprehensive, prestigious and competitive maritime clusters in the world.

DMCA officials applauded the valuable contributions of the outstanding staff involved with the innovation and creativity program of the authority. They were especially commended for improving the registration of maritime crafts, customer service levels and the development of human resources, all of which are integral to achieving the vision of building a safe and sustainable maritime sector that meets current and future needs for comprehensive development.

Amer Ali praised the creative ideas emanating from DMCA’s team and asked the members to keep on working hard towards more achievements that establish a model of excellence, creativity and leadership not only on for the maritime Authority, but at the government level in the Emirate of Dubai as well. “We honor outstanding employees who provide innovative ideas in support of our ongoing commitment to act in accordance with the wise guidance of the government to create a stimulating work environment that welcomes constructive innovative ideas to further enhance global competitiveness and help fulfill goals in a proactive and innovative government initiative,” Ali said.

“At the Dubai Maritime City Authority we adopt global best practices that create a positive atmosphere governed by transparency, teamwork, cooperation and equal opportunities. We empower our staff to be creative, promote institutional loyalty, and achieve professional excellence. Our employees have proven that they are our partners in our quest to put Dubai at the forefront of the best maritime capitals of the world. The creativity and excellence of our staff will continue to yield tangible results in improving internal performance and customer service. We have a new responsibility to continue maximizing the potentials of promising human resources, and make it clear as we constantly improve on the local maritime assembly components that we are committed to full maritime competitiveness regionally and internationally and further broaden the contributions of the maritime sector to economic development,” he concluded.

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