KFH Looks to Microsoft in Enabling Business Transformation

Kuwait – MENA Herald: Microsoft Kuwait hosted the Group CEO and Group CIO of Kuwait Finance House (KFH), one of the largest banks in Kuwait and the region, at Microsoft’s global headquarters in Seattle, WA. The tour provided an opportunity for senior KFH executives to experience Microsoft innovation geared towards the banking sector, particularly business solutions and innovative tools to transform the KFH working environment. The technology showcase coordinated by Microsoft Kuwait outlined the framework for a refreshed IT vision for the bank, building on an existing strategic partnership between the two organisations.

Mazin Saad Al-Nahedh, CEO, KFH, said: “We are happy to look to Microsoft as our leading technology provider, and believe that they are a partner that invests in their relationships with their clients. The visit to Microsoft provided a view into the future of technology, and it was especially reassuring to see Microsoft put in so much effort to ensure the success of their customers in the banking sector.”

Charles Nahas, Microsoft Kuwait’s General Manager, said: “KFH is an innovative banking organisation, and as a pioneer of CRM in their sector in the region, we were eager to outline to them the future of technology available to the banking industry. Given the premium on customer satisfaction that KFH places, we are sure that their visit to Microsoft Redmond would give them ideas on how to use technology as a competitive differentiator in their business.”

KFH Chief IT Officer, Srood Sherif, said: “Microsoft’s sector-focused approach helps them stay relevant to businesses through targeted innovation. Merging technical capabilities with business insights and trends, Microsoft ensures that their technology solutions demonstrate value to both technology and business decision-makers.”

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