As temperatures soar, witnesses dramatic increase in auto purchases

Dubai – MENA Herald: As the temperature rises, online shoppers in the UAE have taken to leading Dubai-based e-commerce website to buy and sell second-hand cars. Since the start of the summer this year, there has been an incredible rise in the number of advertisements for cars on the classifieds website.
Adham Saleh, the CEO of EZHeights confirmed that motors have indeed been a very hot category this summer with a lot of people posting ‘car for sale’ advertisements on the website. Saleh explained that people are not just selling their old cars, but they are also buying new cars. Postings for sale and purchase of cars has increased by a whooping 35% on the website, in comparison to statistics from a few months ago.
“A lot of people are selling their old cars and buying new ones. This is indicative of the fact that the economy in the UAE is doing well. Also car dealers, both first-hand as well as second-hand, are currently presenting several attractive summer offers for cars, making the business more lucrative for people who are looking to buy and sell cars,” explained Saleh.
Property listings on the rise as well
The CEO of the popular e-commerce website clarified that property postings on the website has increased by 15%. However, the percentage of people posting ads for property rentals has increased by 20 per cent, which makes it clear that people from other countries are now looking moving into Dubai. Most of the property postings on EZHeights are being made by users who are new to the website.
Future is bright for online classifieds in the UAE
Classified postings have also marginally increased by 8% over the summer. According to Saleh, online purchases and browsing for consumer products, and properties is the way forward in the UAE. He predicts that online classifieds and e-commerce websites will thrive in the UAE in the coming years, especially as the country reaches it’s full potential.
“Although the Middle East market is a little behind in the e-commerce sector, the UAE is far ahead of the game. Since e-commerce websites deal with first-hand, legitimate data on the spending habits of UAE consumers, they are able to make better decisions to customize the needs of individual shopper,” added Saleh.

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