UAE Date Palm Tree Owners to Receive Cash for Palm Waste

Abu Dhabi – MENA Herald: Talah Board today announced an exciting offer for agricultural businesses and farmers at this year’s 12th Annual Liwa Date Festival. The industrial company will offer cash for date palm waste, and is encouraging farming and agricultural entities to register their participation while at the festival. This ‘Cash-for-Palm Waste’ opportunity will help the date palm industry discard of palm tree trimmings sustainably and in compliance with the environmental laws of the nation. Talah Board will offer a monetary sum for each tonne of fronds or fruit stems. ‎
Mr. Rami Farah, CEO of Talah Board commented on the offer:
“Date palm waste is a strong and fibrous material that does not biodegrade easily. Its natural structure presents unique challenges for people in agricultural and farming businesses, and some may choose to burn the trimmings rather than contend with the issue of proper disposal. We are offering date farms cash for this waste, which will ease this burden. The Liwa Date Festival brings together esteemed members of the date palm industry, and Talah Board is proud to join this community and extend this sustainable and commercial opportunity.”
Mr. Obaid Khalfan Al Mazrouei, Director of Liwa Date Festival said:
“We are pleased to have Talah Board participating in our exhibition at the Liwa Date Festival this year. This festival, which is in its 12th year, celebrates the tradition and heritage of the date palm tree and continues to keep this legacy alive with our annual event. We look forward to another successful year with great numbers of participants and visitors.”
Talah Board will recycle the date palm tree trimmings into high quality wooden board products to answer the demand for this product in UAE and regional markets; using technology patented specifically for this purpose. The UAE produces 500,000 tonnes of palm waste annually; 50,000 tonnes are required annually for Talah Board’s industrial operation. The company’s operations are aligned with both the UAE Vision 2021 and the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 in terms of bringing sustainable and industrial innovation to a non-oil sector.
Mr. Farah continued:‎
“Regular palm tree trimming is necessary and beneficial for the tree as it promotes healthy growth and helps to inhibit the infestation of red weevils- a palm tree pest that can diminish the quality of dates and eventually cause the death of the tree. As farmers have a raw material that they wish to discard easily, we will buy it and produce this locally-made product. In this way, the entire community benefits – farmers can protect the health of their trees, earn cash, and solve a waste management problem, and we can all help our environment and economy.”
The Liwa Date Festival runs from 20th to 30th July and it is open from 4pm to 10pm.

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