Dubai Courts’ Al Jawhara Women’s Council achieves 2015 targets

Dubai – MENA Herald: Dubai Courts’ Al Jawhara Women’s Council Women Council’s recently released ‘Annual Report 2015’ shows its last year’s accomplishments made possible through the implementation of its various strategic initiatives. The Council’s main focus included investments in human resources and improvement of women’s competencies to activate their leadership role and increase their participation in social, cultural and sports activities in the country. The report also contains the ‘Happiness Index’ results of female employees during the same year, with their happiness level reaching 74 per cent compared with 79 per cent for their male counterparts.

The report also indicates the Council’s successful implementation of the ‘Saadati’ initiative, the ‘Nursery’ project, and the Springboard Women’s Development Programme, all of which led to increased happiness, higher creativity and more innovative ideas among women. The initiatives are aligned with Dubai Courts’ strategic goals of attracting and training highly efficient human resources.

The Council has also made great strides in implementing leadership training programs for women under the ‘Pioneering Leaders’ initiative. ‘Pioneering Leaders’ aim to highlight the characteristics of a good leader in hopes of reinforcing women’s role in terms of strengthening Dubai Courts’ position in the local and international arenas.

In 2015, the Council made major milestones in its charitable works as well through fruitful partnerships. It conducted a series of awareness symposiums titled ‘My Culture, My Knowledge,’ organized voluntary, humanitarian and sports activities, and promoted the ‘Learn my Sign Language’ initiative. The Council’s charitable works complemented Dubai Courts’ goal of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of its employees.

H.E. Judge Ebtisam Ali Al Bedwawi, Honorary President, Al Jawhara Women Council, said the ‘Annual Report 2015’ reflects the Council’s exceptional performance and remarkable progress in deploying its initiatives and projects designed to enhance the quality of life in women in accordance with its vision. She attributed the Council’s success to the hardworking members of the Council and Dubai Courts’ continued support for women to make significant contributions to Dubai’s legal and judicial excellence.

H.E. Al Bedwawi added: “2015 saw us achieving many milestones in our drive to promote women’s role in Dubai Courts. The Courts has made significant progress in terms of appointing women in leadership positions in our legal and judiciary sectors. This is part of its commitment to our wise leaders’ directives aimed at human development and women empowerment, two of the Courts’ strategic priorities. In terms of ‘Happiness Index,’ Dubai Courts exceeded its target of 70 per cent to reach 74 per cent. The result reflects our successful and tireless efforts to create a safe and productive environment that stimulates excellence and happiness. This is in accordance with the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who said, ‘A happy man is the one who can work, produce and participate positively.’”

H.E. Al Bedwawi concluded: “Our achievements in 2015 push us to continue launching innovative initiatives to help women employees reach the highest levels of leadership, excellence, and career development based on solid pillars of equality, teamwork, creativity and innovation.”

Women Council was established under the slogan ‘You Are the Jewel,’ with an aim of creating a work environment that fosters leadership values and empowers UAE women to elevate her role intellectually, culturally, professionally and socially. The Council operates according to three fundamental objectives to enhance the local and international status of Dubai Courts, improve happiness, and form partnerships promoting the social, cultural and sporting aspects of its charitable works.

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