The Sawab Center Launches #ForceOfHumanity Campaign to Highlight the Ongoing Humanitarian Response in Countries Impacted by Daesh’s Terrorism

Abu Dhabi – MENA Herald: The Sawab Center, a joint initiative by the UAE and the United States to fight Daesh’s extremist ideology online, has launched a new campaign via its Twitter and Instagram platforms under the hashtag #ForceOfHumanity.
Coinciding with the Ministerial Meeting of the Small Group of the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh, the campaign aims to highlight the humanitarian efforts undertaken by the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh and other international organizations in Iraq, Syria, and neighboring countries that are hosting refugees.
The Sawab Center has noted that informing the international community about the ongoing humanitarian operations and their impact on the lives of those affected by Daesh’s terrorism — especially efforts related to sheltering refugees and addressing their basic needs — is a key component of winning the media war against this terrorist organization. Extremists are increasingly falsely portraying life under their control as normal, claiming to provide people with the required food, shelter, education, and healthcare services.
The Center has pointed out that the #ForceOfHumanity campaign will focus on the appalling conditions facing those fleeing Daesh’s terrorist acts and conflicts in the region. UN reports indicate that over 3.2 million Iraqis have been internally displaced, with over 10 million Iraqis in need of urgent aid. Meanwhile, reports from the UK also indicate that more than 13.5 million Syrian civilians require assistance, of whom 8.1 million are children. The reports further state that over 6.5 million Syrians are internally displaced, and another 4.59 million Syrians are refugees in neighboring countries – of whom 2.1 million are children.
Additionally, the campaign will highlight the basic needs of those impacted by the ongoing conflict or persecuted by Daesh. Seeking to spread awareness about the Coalition partners’ efforts to respond to the crisis, the campaign will inform the public about healthcare services provided to the vulnerable populations, including children’s vaccines, treatment of injuries, basic surgeries, and maintenance of hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases. In addition, the campaign will shed light on the efforts of the Coalition to meet food and water requirements of more than 10 million displaced people scattered across thousands of camps and temporary shelters in Syria and Iraq.
The social media campaign will also demonstrate the commendable initiatives to educate more than five million Iraqi and Syrian children as part of the ongoing collaboration among the Coalition partners, UNICEF, UNESCO and other organizations, as well as highlight Coalition efforts to create employment opportunities, as well as provide shelter for the internally displaced persons in order to protect them from extreme weather conditions during the summer and winter seasons. Finally, the campaign will focus on stabilization and reconstruction efforts in areas recently liberated from Daesh – such as restoration of electricity and water networks, as well as rebuilding schools and government establishments, including municipality offices and police stations.
The center seeks through its campaigns to fight destructive ideas spread by Daesh online and it will continue to expose their terrorist practices.
Sawab Center focuses on delivering fact-based, accurate and credible information without distortion or exaggeration. This approach has helped the Center to build credible and highly interactive social media platforms that showcase moderate and enlightened voices. The number of hits and views of the Center’s campaigns has surpassed 679 million to date.
Since commencing its activities on 8 July, 2015, the Center has worked to amplify the voices of moderation against Daesh by using social media platforms and allowing the silent majority to express their opinions. The Center also seeks to expand its reach as part of efforts to fight radicalism and digital terrorism.

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