Alpha Data unveils ‘smart’ retail & hospitality solutions at Internet of Things World Forum

Dubai – MENA Herald: Alpha Data, the UAE’s largest system integrator, showcased its various ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) solutions with a particular focus on retail and hospitality connectivity at the Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) which ran until December 8, 2015 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The company is working with Cisco and other prominent IT leaders to further expand the application of the Internet and computer networks to key areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, retail, hospitality, and energy.

IoT is a computing concept that envisions a future where anything can be connected and communicated intelligently. The concept is rapidly gaining traction, with the number of connected ‘things’ expected to increase by 30 per cent to 6.4 billion in 2016 over the current year. At IoTWF, Alpha Data demonstrated how IoT-related technologies such as hyper-local sensors, Big Data and video analytics, augmented reality retailing and queue less shopping are leading to ‘connected’ retail and hospitality operations. Alpha Data was also the Forum’s Gold Sponsor.

Sajeev K. Perunnelly, Head of Enterprise Department at Alpha Data, said: “The Internet of Things is not just about machine-to-machine communication: it is about taking connectivity to the next level and making everything in our lives – from stores to transportation – ‘smart’ and responsive to surrounding information and technologies. The concept will have a profound impact on society, which is why Alpha Data is hard at work collaborating with our global partners to come up with solutions that maximize IoT’s potential. IoTWF 2015 was an excellent platform for us to showcase the practical integrated systems we are developing for industry. During our participation we also shared advice on how to select the proper platforms and database management system, how to source IoT services and how to hire the right personnel. We are already receiving a lot of inquiries about our retail and hospitality IoT concepts and we definitely plan to broaden our IoT projects and partnerships further moving forward.”

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