Avaya Shows Digital Customer Journey at GITEX 2015

Dubai – MENA Herald: Avaya, at GITEX 2015, is showcasing the “Digital Customer Journey,” an innovative solution that blends smart communication and computing devices, video teller machines, and customer service applications. The Digital Customer Journey delivers on the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) with the ability to completely transform services and customer experiences to the digital world. 

A recent survey conducted by BT and Avaya showed that technology-savvy customers in the UAE are more loyal to brands that are transforming their customer experience beyond the traditional call centre. The research revealed that consumers in the UAE are among the most tech-savvy in the world and they expect businesses to keep up. At a minimum, customers expect to be offered a variety of channels through which they can communicate and transact with organizations (89 per cent). 

The “Digital Customer Journey” enables customers to digitally complete any transaction of their choice without the need to visit a physical location. Using advanced data analytics, omni-channel capabilities, video-conferencing and online and mobile applications, the “Digital Customer Journey” transforms traditional call center operations to deliver digitally-enabled customer experiences for  increased loyalty and business growth. 

Avaya is demonstrating at GITEX how the future of customer service in banking is mobile and digital, with mobile linking seamlessly with other channels to give a true omni-channel experience. For instance, a mobile check-deposit application allows the bank’s contact center to initiate an immediate call to the customer if an error occurs, without the customer having to explain the issue again. Likewise, if a customer enters the wrong password on the website, the contact center can be proactive and call them straight away, delivering a faster resolution of the issue.

Avaya is also showcasing a next-generation mobile customer-service information kiosk, which can be located in remote areas, by roadsides, in shopping malls – anywhere that members of the public need it, enabling them to have visual access to services.  The kiosks can be designed to cater for users’ specials needs, such as being equipped for sign language, and allow users to have a video call with a customer-service agent, with the agent being able to push relevant information. If the user needs to leave the kiosk or is in a hurry, the service is session-to-go – they can scan a QR code and take their session mobile. 


“Today’s digitally-savvy Middle East customers expect mobility, apps, social, cloud, video, chat and flexibility and ease of use – and they want it now. Avaya innovates with its customers to deliver an effortless digital transformation of their business. At GITEX 2015, we are demonstrating the power of partnering with forward-looking customers to innovate applications that deliver on the aspirations of every customer differently.” Mohammed Areff, Vice President, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, Avaya 

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