Brazilian exports to Arab World show substantial gains in 2015

Dubai – MENA Herald: The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has announced that Brazilian exports to Arab countries registered significant growth in 2015. According to recently released data, the South American country exported products worth USD 12,122.37 billion to the region last year. The growing outbound trade volume reflects an increasing demand for high-quality Brazilian products as well as the excellent bilateral relations between Brazil and Arab nations.

Exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia increased the most to reach USD 2.750.37 billion, 8.19 per cent up from the USD 2,542 billion figure of 2014. The UAE occupies second place with USD 2,503.67 billion, followed by Egypt at USD 2,056.59 billion. Exports to Bahrain and Kuwait reached USD 309 million and USD 239.53 million, respectively.

Dr. Michel Alaby, Secretary General and CEO, Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said: “Brazil continues to share outstanding business ties with the Arab World as demonstrated by the recent export data. The growing popularity and demand for our local products in the region is a reflection of the high quality of our commodities, whether they be foodstuff or engineering items. The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has played a crucial role in bringing entrepreneurs and traders from both regions together through exhibitions, business meets and conferences to explore fresher and lucrative opportunities. In the near future, Brazil aims to further increase the volume of its exports to Arab countries to revitalize its economy and we will continue to support its introduction of more products to the regional market.”

Top exported products from Brazil to the Arab World include ‘Inorganic Chemicals; Rare Earth Materials,’ ‘Miscellaneous Grains, Seed, Fruit,’ and ‘Cereals.’ Exports of ‘Inorganic Chemicals; Rare Earth Materials’ increased 34.67 per cent to reach USD 567.38 million in 2015 from USD 421.21 million in 2014. Likewise, ‘Miscellaneous Grains, Seed, Fruit’ garnered a revenue of USD

493.21 million, an increase of 19.55 per cent from 2014’s USD 412.56 million. Lastly, ‘Cereals’ saw an increase of 18.90 per cent to USD 919.41 million from USD 773.28 million in 2014. Other popular exported items include Meat; Sugars; Ores, Slag, Ash; and Machinery.

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