DED unveils ‘Dubai Business Map’ to provide electronic updates on economic sectors and performance

Dubai – MENA Herald: The Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED) unveiled today the ‘Dubai Business Map,’ a first-of-its-kind electronic platform in the region providing data on performance indicators and activity across various economic sectors in the emirate. The launch, which coincided with DED’s participation in the ‘GITEX Technology Week’ being held 16-20 October, is part of developing innovative solutions that support businesses, investors as well as government and private sector decision-makers in doing business in Dubai.

The Dubai Business Map also includes an interactive guide explaining the geographic distribution and concentration of major business activities and the rate of urban growth in terms of expanding neighbourhoods and business licenses. A qualitative leap in evaluating market performance, the Map will reflect the reality of business movement in Dubai and provide daily updates that help investors to identify opportunities, geographical distribution of business activity and potential areas for expansion.

“We are delighted to launch this portal, which turns a new leaf on the best practices being adopted by Dubai in developing relations with the business community, and facilitating doing business. The Dubai Business Map will ensure easy access to information, and also help the investor to identify business potential and make informed decisions,” said His Excellency Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of DED.

The updated indicators and studies in the Map will reflect the overall economic environment in Dubai, Al Qamzi said, adding that the portal will be a handy tool in decision-making for public and private sector executives, financial institutions, consultants and the media.

“The Department of Economic Development keeps track of the domestic business landscape and shares valuable knowledge with investors and businesses. We are also focusing on developing smart services that provide added value to our customers and support our primary goal of enhancing business competitiveness and sustainability by positioning Dubai among the smartest cities in the world,” said Al Qamzi.

The Dubai Business Map currently has data on activity and performance across 10 diverse economic sectors, said Omar Bushahab, CEO of BRL sector. “We also analyse the impact of business entry and exit on economic performance in Dubai. The entry and exit of companies play a major role in economic performance and sector-wise updates, and such indicators are essential to business development strategies and sustainability.”

Accurate data on capital deployed and the geographic distribution of economic activity across sectors and sub-sectors will enable companies and investors understand various factors such as investment period and the concentration of nationalities in any economic activity, all of which are critical to decision-making and attracting businesses to make use of the opportunities in Dubai, and the UAE in general, said Bushahab.

He added that the preliminary work on the Map underlined the diversity and sustainability potential in different economic sectors in Dubai, as well as the overall ease of doing business in the emirate.

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