EIBFS Hosts Leadership and Innovation Seminar with Acclaimed Author, Coach and Speaker Dr Marshall Goldsmith

Dubai – MENA Herald: Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS), a regional leader in banking and finance corporate education and training, collaborated with internationally acclaimed author, coach and speaker Dr Marshall Goldsmith to host an interactive seminar on leadership and innovation for more than 800 banking and finance executives from across the UAE.

On the theme ‘Re-Creating Ourselves, Our People and Our Engagement,’ the seminar highlighted the importance of personal and organizational growth in fostering innovative, dynamic and effective leadership. Drawing on his experience, research and sector expertise, Dr Goldsmith outlined proven coaching techniques to help high-level professionals develop the necessary interpersonal and leadership skills to realize growth and achieve innovation.

Commenting on the workshop, Jamal Al Jassmi, General Manager of EIBFS, said: “We are grateful to Dr Goldsmith for presenting this informative workshop, and for sharing insights on the components of effective leadership, an essential requirement in meeting the demands of the modern banking and financial sector. EIBFS is always eager to host conferences and seminars led by internationally respected authorities.”

Named among the ‘Top 10 Business Thinkers in the World’ by rating agency Thinkers, Dr Goldsmith challenged the workshop participants to abandon outdated ideas on leadership, adopting instead innovative practices that inspire team members and company management to generate higher levels of performance.    

Dr Goldsmith said: “My objective is to motivate leaders to have the courage to ask how they can improve, the humility to accept that they can get better, and the discipline required to actually make the change. Personal growth is an important component in realizing change, innovation and collaboration in the workplace.”

Outlining his methods to engage and communicate with one’s colleagues more effectively, Dr Goldsmith advised the finance professionals and business leaders present to focus on positive feedback exercises, to value collaboration and to accept help and guidance from others.

Dr Goldsmith said: “If you want to become an effective and respected leader and a better innovator, it is critical to put aside your ego and ask for feedback on how to improve and develop skills, to listen and think before reacting to the feedback, to respond by asking for suggestions for the future, and to thank the team for pointing out shortcomings.

“Leaders should set clear goals needed to effectuate change and innovation and involve or enlist support from colleagues to achieve these goals. Finally, following up with your team and colleagues about your performance and improvement as a leader is an important step to witness change in leadership effectiveness and alter perceptions of your leadership skills.”

EIBFS’s commitment to providing students with informative and forward-thinking workshops is aligned with the UAE’s leadership decision to launch the National Innovation Strategy in 2014, aimed at promoting skills development in the national workforce, and 2015 as the UAE’s ‘Year of Innovation’.

EIBFS welcomes international training opportunities in order to encourage the UAE’s banking and financial services workforce to develop the best-in-class leadership skills necessary to keep up with the evolving business environment, and to realize greater nationalization of the UAE workforce.

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