The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies Launches the ‘International Journal of Research in Banking and Finance’

Dubai – MENA Herald: The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS), the regional leader in banking and finance education and training, today announced the launch of the inaugural edition of the ‘International Journal of Research in Banking and Finance’ (IJRBF). The first issue of the bi-annual, blind-peer reviewed online journal that targets professionals in the banking and financial services domain comprises a collection of research papers from leading banking and financial education experts in the region. The journal is the first of its kind in the areas of banking and finance, in the UAE.

Speaking on the initiative, Jamal Al Jassmi, General Manager at EIBFS, said: “The IJRBF journal is the culmination of wider development of research and scholarly activities within the Research and Studies Department (RSD) of EIBFS. This dedicated journal aims to provide a research publishing platform not only for academics, but also for interested bankers and financial experts in niche areas of conventional banking, finance and Islamic banking.

He added: “As a leading advocate of banking and financial education, EIBFS is pleased to launch this journal, which is certain to be a key resource to the sector, given the country’s strategic goals of empowering its human capital and building a diversified knowledge economy. The publication reinforces the unwavering support that EIBFS offers to the private sector in the region, in articulating the national vision.”

Dr. Constantine Andoniou, Director of the Research and Studies Department at EIBFS, and the Managing Editor of the IJRBF, said: “I am pleased to be part of team which has developed a high quality product. The Research and Studies Department acknowledges the support of our top management, in particular that of Mr Jamal Al Jassmi, GM of EIBFS, whose continuous leadership and efforts for change have led to institutional growth and EIBFS emerging as one of the GCC’s key corporate education and training players, in the banking and finance sectors.”

The IJRBF journal will in future issues explore topics of relevance to the banking and financial services industry including management, business communication, corporate finance, banking statistics, microeconomics, and investment banking, among others. The journal is also set to feature research papers focused on Islamic banking that encompass Islamic transactions, Islamic financial markets, and Islamic investments.

Readers can download the PDF version of the journal online from the EIBFS website under the ‘Research/Academic Publications’ section. The second issue of the journal is set for release in December 2016.

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