Experience Zone Brings Jaguar Land Rover Products to Life at Dubai International Motor Show 2015

Dubai – MENA Herald: Complementing its exciting line-up at the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show, leading luxury automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover will also be premiering its brand new Jaguar Land Rover Experience Zone to the Middle East.

The state-of-the-art experience zone will be located at the Arena Plaza, accessible through Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 in the Dubai World Trade Centre, from 10 to 14 November 2015.

Introducing the Jaguar Bloodhound SSC Experience to Dubai, Jaguar is offering thrill-seekers the chance to experience driving at an exhilarating speed of 1,000 mph (1,609kph). Land Rover will also be presenting its Mobile Experience equipment to the Middle East for the very first time, giving driving enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the unique all-terrain ability of Land Rover vehicles at the show.

Speaking about the Jaguar Land Rover Experience Zone, Bruce Robertson, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover MENA, commented: “At Jaguar Land Rover we design, build, and engineer some of the automotive industry’s most outstanding products. Every creation fully embodies our brand spirit and we are committed to giving our customers brand experiences that go beyond the showroom and bring to life our vehicles’ capabilities and performance attributes.”

He continued: “We are very excited to introduce motoring fans in Dubai to the Jaguar Bloodhound SSC and the Land Rover Experience, two incredible dynamic driving experiences which we guarantee will deliver hands-on, thrilling, and memorable Jaguar Land Rover moments at the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show.”

Jaguar Bloodhound SSC

In collaboration with Bloodhound SSC, Jaguar is involved in the record-breaking project to raise the World Land Speed Record above 1,000mph (1,609kph) in 2016 to beat the current record of 763.035mph (1,227kph) established back in 1997.

Literally pushing back the boundaries of modern physics and human achievement, this project is bringing science and technology to life in the most exciting way possible, hoping to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

At the heart of the Bloodhound SSC, Jaguar is providing its renowned 5.0-litre V8 550PS Supercharged engine to provide hydraulic services to the car and drive the rocket’s oxidizer pump, creating the most extraordinary sports car of all time.

Bringing the Bloodhound SSC record bid to Dubai, Jaguar has created a 1,000 mph drive experience simulator challenging visitors at the Dubai International Motor Show to get behind the wheel of the Bloodhound SSC and try to set a new virtual Land Speed Record.

With its fiery design, the simulator is sure to draw crowds of motoring heads at the show to claim the title as the fastest driver on the planet.

Land Rover Experience

Showcasing its vehicle’s remarkable breadth of capabilities at the Dubai International Motor Show, Land Rover will be revealing its Mobile Equipment to the MENA region for the first time.

The Land Rover Experience will allow guests to watch first-hand as Land Rover’s professional off-road expert drivers assess the driving environment and maximize the capability and technology of the Land Rover vehicles on challenging surfaces.

With the opportunity to jump into a Discovery Sport, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque or a Land Rover LR4, guests can experience the exceptional Land Rover capabilities.

Bringing Land Rover’s unique all-terrain abilities to life in the urban landscape, the Land Rover Experience consists of state-of-the-art, mobile man-made tracks and obstacles which truly put Land Rover vehicles to the test.

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