HP Inc. Reinvents Technology with Launch of Spectre – The World’s Thinnest Laptop

Dubai – MENA Herald: HP Inc. raised the bar for the premium PC experience with the debut of the new HP Spectre – the world’s thinnest laptop. The laptop was unveiled in the UAE at an exclusive event, introducing a new dimension to design technology. The Spectre’s design was certainly an eye-catcher, drawing interest with its high gloss copper accents – proof that PCs can be an expression of style thanks to magical and luxurious technology.

Mathew Thomas, VP & MD, Middle East, HP Inc., believes the HP Spectre is the perfect illustration of how the company not only reacts to trends, but also embraces change. “A large part of our business philosophy is to reinvent who we are, what our customers want, how we can provide that and – uniquely – how we anticipate that. We aspire to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere and in the HP Spectre we see innovation at its best – advanced and progressive technology that is geared to optimum productivity and a style and design that defines class.”

The HP Spectre has a total weight of just 1.1kg, a width of less than 1.5cm, and the options of an Intel Core i5 model and an Intel Core i7 model. It features a superb entertainment experience with full HD 13.3” (33.8cm) diagonal edge-to-edge display and Bang & Olufsen sound. And, just a few of its luxurious looks include high gloss copper accents, which reflect a hand-polished, jewelry-like finish and an innovative hidden piston hinge, creating the illusion of a hingeless design to offer an unmatched premium look and feel. Unveiled as the ‘world’s thinnest laptop,’ the Spectre has an aluminium chassis as thin as an AAA-battery.

The HP Spectre unveiling event included a selection of fashion pieces on display, each created taking inspiration from the Spectre laptop. The exclusive pieces were created by some of the region’s top fashion designers, including House of Nomad, Arwa Al Banawi, Dima Ayad and Ayah Tabari, who put together outfits that captured the essence of the luxurious laptop. The designs debuted at the event and were worn by four of the Middle East’s most widely-respected fashion influencers: Rosemin Manji, Nadya Hassan, Ola Farahat, Dina Akesbi and Ahmad Dabbas.

Luxury is also important for business life
The workforce, and the way we work, is changing. In recent years, there have been several dynamic shifts in what we expect from our technology as well as the way in which we are now using it. According to a research conducted by Redshift, more than two thirds (69%) of IT decision makers feel that PC design is important to enable mobility while over three quarters (77%) of IT decision makers think that a well-designed work PC would increase job satisfaction.

In addition, experts say this has been driven by a changing society where millennials are expected to represent almost 50% of the workforce by 2020. These millennials are already accustomed to using laptops and tablets in the classroom and in their free time before joining the workforce. For this reason they are less willing to make a trade off when it comes to device design and functionality at work.

Besides, work is also increasingly being done remotely and from multiple locations with the lines between work life and personal life blurring: becoming synonymous as ‘one-life’. Work is no longer a place we go, but something we do. To support this lifestyle, users demand thin and light devices with all-day battery life.

Increasingly, consumers are capturing content in 4K resolution and want technology that can handle this raw footage. They want large, high resolution displays that allow them to edit photos and videos but also to experience immersive video in their down-time. Premium audio should enrich the viewing experience when playing games, listening to music or watching a movie.

To address these market shifts, HP has reinvented devices that create personal and work pride, allowing experiences that help us to do better.

Thomas added: “In a region where we are constantly on the go and want to excel at our work and personal lives, it is important that we provide users with a laptop that complements their lifestyle – and today, our consumers are demanding a thin and light device with all-day battery life. We understand these needs, and will always strive to reinvent and innovate, to engineer experiences that amaze.”

The new 13.3” diagonal HP Spectre laptop is now available in the UAE with a starting price of AED 5,499.

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