Manpower requirement in UAE’s manufacturing on the rise: Dulsco

Dubai – MENA Herald: Dulsco HR Solutions, a regional leader in human resource solutions and environmental solutions, stated that UAE is steadily making inroads into the manufacturing sector. Close to 33% percent of the enquiries received by Dulsco in the last month were from manufacturing units and projects in the UAE alone. Furthermore, 14% resume’s received by the company were from the mechanical, engineering, projects and manufacturing background.

“The Dulsco HR team has witnessed a 13% increase in job applications received in Q2 compared to Q1 which shows positive outlook from prospective candidates, especially engineering positions as their demand continues to soar high. Given the huge potential growth in the manufacturing sector, the manpower requirement in this sector is only going to increase,” said S.Balakumar, Managing Director of Dulsco.

UAE, the Arab world’s second largest economy, recorded a 4.8 per cent growth in 2014 on the back of stronger performance by sectors which included manufacturing. Going forward, irrespective of the oil price dip, the UAE’s economy is on track to grow a further 4.5 per cent in 2015, according to International Monetary Fund forecasts. UAE has developed economic sustainability plans investing heavily in the manufacturing and industrial sectors to further spur the growth.

“To see the rapid developments in the manufacturing sector is good news and the government has played a key role in it. We, as a company, have been supplying manpower to practically all key sectors, including manufacturing and now we are confident that we will make further inroads into this sector,” added Balakumar.

Commenting on the manufacturing sector in UAE, Balakumar said, “There are reassuring signs for a steady but stable growth for the manufacturing industry that will witness a variation in export markets because of international trade dynamics. The government has paved the way for ensuring long-term and sustainable evolution of the manufacturing sector by stressing on trade liberalization and exports. By achieving development in manufacturing, the UAE stands to gain in boosting the economy. A well nurtured manufacturing sector is very essential to augment the competitiveness of the Emirate across the global market.”

The development of free zones has spurred investment in the UAE manufacturing sector. 20% of Jebel Ali Free Zone is manufacturing; light engineering and final stage assembly. Dubai Industrial City focuses on six industrial sectors including machinery and mechanical equipment, transport equipment and parts, base metals, chemicals, food and beverages, and mineral products.

“With the success story of the Expo 2020 win, the region is poised to see many more job recruitments in the manufacturing sector. The right kind of manpower is required for managing Expo 2020 which in the next five years will bolster the economic growth of Dubai and UAE in turn. The current scenario in the economic sector reiterates that the manufacturing market is stable and the prospects of an impressive economic future is anticipated with private organizations and government sectors planning to hire and expand. At Dulsco, we intend to contribute our best to the economy by providing the finest manpower resources right from site engineers and supervisors to chauffeurs, general helpers, welders and other resources,” concluded Balakumar.

Abu Dhabi’s Kizad Industrial Zone is organized in clusters such as aluminum and steel and is encouraging other suppliers and service providers in the value chain to open operations within the zone. Development of the industrial zones to provide optimal output to boost the nation’s economy has aided the nation’s manufacturing sector.

Dulsco is a limited liability company and expanded its services to include all the Emirates and neighbouring Gulf countries. It is one of the foremost HR Solutions providers and recruitment agencies, apart from being a top notch Waste Management Service provider in Dubai. Dulsco was acknowledged as one of the ‘Top 15 Companies to Work For’ by the Great Places To Work For Institute, a global research and management consultancy. This was done after reviewing the confidential feedback received from their employees and an independent audit of their human resource practices. Dulsco is the only waste management company and among very few HR solution providers in the region to be awarded the ‘Super Brand’ status in the recent times.

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