Paraguay Foreign Minister highlights shared values with UAE on tolerance and positive international relations

Abu Dhabi – MENA Herald: The UAE and Paraguay share similar values on tolerance and friendly relations with other countries in the world, stated His Excellency Eladio Loizaga, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Paraguay, during a visit to Emirates Diplomatic Academy, which marked a significant step in EDA’s sustained efforts to highlight best international practices and experiences in the field of diplomacy.
“Paraguay and the UAE are physically far apart on the global map, but in terms of development, culture, and ideologies we are very similar. Both the countries are renowned for their emphasis on tolerance, and we are proud to say that we share a positive relationship with each other,” HE Loizaga stated while describing his extensive experiences in public affairs and diplomatic fields with the EDA students and faculty.
During the interactive session, moderated by Bernardino León, Director General of EDA, HE Loizaga called for stronger ties between the UAE and Latin America, and described the Gulf countries as important partners contributing to global development. He said Paraguay looks towards enhancing relations with countries in the region at various levels, and said stronger international ties are critical to establishing peace around the world.
“We are open towards cooperation with the Gulf countries. We are aware of the international and regional scenario, and we absolutely condemn all kinds of extremist activities,” HE Loizaga said.
The interactive session enabled the students of EDA to gain greater understanding about the latest trends in international diplomacy. On the occasion, HE Loizaga urged the students to work towards excelling themselves as outstanding diplomats of the future, and encouraged them to inspire good relations and achieve diplomatic success wherever they are posted.
“A diplomat should be an intellectual, and should possess strategic skills and an open outlook to build and maintain positive relationships with other nations,” he said.
During his interactions with the students, HE Loizaga emphasised the key role of the United Nations in establishing peace and better relations in all parts of the world. He said the UN representatives have a responsibility to work together on various objectives to create a better world.
As an integrated academic centre, EDA combines academic programmes and training, research and analysis to highlight the UAE’s leading role in international relations. The Academy also conducts in-depth studies on the region and the UAE to build a knowledge base in the field of international relations and diplomacy, and support the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and decision-makers in the UAE.

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