QCC, ADNOC Distribution Collaborate to Ensure Accuracy of Fuel Meters at Rabdan Service Station

Abu Dhabi – MENA Herald: Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC), the entity responsible for developing quality infrastructure and raising awareness on quality standards in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, has completed the verification of all 72 fuel meters in Rabdan service station, one of the largest service stations operated by ADNOC Distribution in Abu Dhabi and among the first to offer the recently launched ADNOC SMART self-refueling service.

Conducted as part of QCC’s regular verification of fuel meters across all service stations in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region in collaboration with ADNOC Distribution, the drive aims to promote fair trade for both buyers and sellers, while supporting economic growth in the emirate.
As part of the drive, a team of Emarati inspectors evaluated the accuracy of fuel meters under the direct supervision of a specialized team of technical experts and officials, ensuring the smooth completion of the verification process in line with the legal metrology requirements and technical specifications.

The first two months of the verification process, organized as part of QCC’s annual inspection drive covered 712 meters at 26 stations in Abu Dhabi and 190 meters at six stations in Al Ain. The drive found all fuel meters used at ADNOC service stations in Abu Dhabi fully conformed to set standards and will continue to evaluate conformity at regular intervals.
Mohammed Helal Al Balooshi, Director of Marketing & Communications at Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council said: “In collaboration with our partners in ADNOC Distribution, QCC uses globally accredited volumetric test measures and international calibration methods to ascertain the conformity of fuel meters at all service stations in Abu Dhabi to set standards and technical requirements. This annual verification process helps us promote the competitiveness of our economy and create a safer and fairer market environment “.
Khalid Hadi, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications Division at ADNOC Distribution, said: “ADNOC Distribution takes all necessary measures to guarantee that our services are compliant with the highest quality standards and specifications. Towards this priority, we collaborate with our partners including QCC, to ensure the quality of our services as well as safety of consumers. The pilot phase of our ADNOC SMART self-refueling service was launched across four service stations, including Rabdan station on March 1 and will continue till October 1, 2016. Based on the outcomes of this phase, the service will be expanded across our service station network in the emirate of Abu Dhabi after carrying out necessary improvements.”
Once the verification process is completed, QCC inspectors place a gold-colored sign valid for one year on the meters confirming their accuracy according to the legal requirements. Inspectors visit the service station again after a year to re-evaluate the fuel meters as part of the annual verification process.
The conformity drive was first launched in late 2013 and was conducted on an annual basis since then. QCC deploys special vehicles fitted out with necessary testing equipment in line with the latest international standards.

The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council was established in 2009 to raise the quality of the emirate’s exports and locally traded products, while protecting the interests of consumers and supporting the UAE’s competitive economy. This is achieved through empowering regulators to establish and implement product safety, legal metrology and conformity schemes. QCC also sets guidelines and benchmarks to identify and verify that the products manufactured and traded in Abu Dhabi conform to the highest quality standards.