QCC Conducts Tire Inspection Drive to Mark GCC Traffic Week 2016

Abu Dhabi – MENA Herald: Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC), the entity responsible for developing quality infrastructure and raising awareness on quality standards in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, conducted a vehicle tire inspection drive in conjunction with the GCC Traffic Week 2016. The campaign aimed to ensure the compliance of tires with relevant technical specifications and safety requirements issued by QCC in a bid to reduce accidents and fatalities associated with worn-out and substandard tires.

As part of the campaign, QCC inspectors closely verified more than 320 tires from 39 brands at 19 tire retailing establishments in various parts of the emirate. They ensured that the tires are free of scratches or other manufacturing defects and the date of manufacture does not exceed 24 months for passenger vehicles and 30 months for truck tires.
The inspection also confirmed the availability of all essential details on the tires including the brand name, country of origin and tire speed rating as per approved specifications.
Mohammed Helal Al Balooshi, Director of Marketing & Communications at Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, said: “The tire inspection drive articulates our commitment to ensuring the safety of drivers and all road users. We urge drivers to thoroughly check the quality and product details of tires before purchasing them from retailers. We believe that by preventing the sale of sub-standard and non-compliant tires in the market, QCC’s efforts can contribute to reducing the alarming rate of road accidents in the UAE.”
The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council was established in 2009 to raise the quality of the emirate’s exports and locally traded products while protecting the interests of consumers and supporting the UAE’s competitive economy. QCC’s mission is facilitated by empowering regulators to establish and implement product safety, legal metrology and conformity schemes. QCC also sets guidelines and benchmarks to identify and verify that the products manufactured and traded in Abu Dhabi conform to the highest quality standards.