SMEs in UAE can take their idea to the IPO stage in just 12 months: Callum Laing

Dubai – MENA Herald: Callum Laing, is a Singapore based, entrepreneur, author and the man who successfully deployed the ‘Agglomeration Business Model’ along with his partners in Singapore. He stated that a similar model can be adopted by SMEs in the UAE and the GCC region to grow their businesses on a fast-track basis. He will be in Dubai by the end of this month to meet with potential SME businesses in the UAE that are interested in adopting this unique business model.

“The agglomeration model is about providing a platform for small businesses all over the globe to grow and expand. There are many great businesses in the UAE that could benefit from being a part of this model. Our core focus is on debt free, profitable businesses that normally generate revenues over AED14 million and AED2 million in profits annually. Mostly, but not exclusively, we work with service oriented businesses. The SMEs that we work with are debt free and profitable, we help scale their business by providing them access to the advantages of a large public listed company,” said Callum.

As per reports, SME’s represent 95 per cent of the UAE business sector which is close to 350,000 companies. UAE is home to several free-zone business hubs, that provides them with a tax-free status and 100 per cent ownership. SMEs in the UAE currently contribute a significant per cent towards the country’s GDP and offers employment to majority of the workforce in the private sector.

“With this model, SME’s in the country can become a formidable unit by collaborating with business within the same industry sector and can soon scale the growth trajectory. We executed this model for the first time in Singapore. In this model, the founders will continue to keep full control over their own entities as before. The first case study we have is The Marketing Group PLC, and it is one of the fastest growing marketing company in the world. We are also one of the best performing stocks on the European Nasdaq in 2016,” added Callum.

Callum is a partner in the Private Equity firm, Unity-Group. He is also the co-founder and non- executive director of ‘The Marketing Group PLC.’ and is the CEO of the ‘Key Person of Influence’ program in Asia. In the past 20 years he has started, built, bought and sold half a dozen businesses in a range of industries across two continents. He was recently awarded the Asia Best Employer ‘Outstanding Leadership’ award and he is a Mentor/ Advisor to DBS Business Class. Callum is the author of ‘Little Wins and Quantum Leaps’ published in 2015. His new book ‘Progressive Partnerships – The Future of Business’ was also launched earlier this year.

“Globally we are looking to help thousands of businesses to scale and we only work with debt free, profitable businesses that are run by industry leaders. Our belief is that these entrepreneurs have already proven they can build a profitable multimillion dollar business, we want to give them access to more resources and then get out their way eventually once they are settled,” concluded Callum.