Top Quality French products to be discovered on 3 different pavilions at Gulfood Manufacturing and The Speciality Food Festival /Seafex From October 27th to 29th 2015 –

Dubai – MENA Herald: Sixty French companies will be spread over 3 French Pavilions organized by Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. This event will take part from the 27th to the 29th October 2015 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.  The French offer will be divided into three sections: Gourmet foods and drinks (Hall 6) with 14 French companies, Ingredients (Sheikh Saeed Hall 1) with 14 French companies and 32 French companies at the Gulfood Manufacturing (Hall2).

The French food and agriculture industry has always been keen on providing high quality food and agricultural products, a wide range of choices and diversity and maintaining the momentum of innovation in its production.  As such, French food exports have kept across the years a privileged position and rank high among worldwide agricultural exporters, despite fierce competition from various countries.

The impressive commercial turnover of 9 billion Euros in 2014 has strengthened the rock-solid reputation of French food and agricultural industries as one of the main pillars of foreign trade in France, ranking third after aeronautic industries and chemical/cosmetics industries.

France is a prominent food and agricultural product exporter to the entire world, ranking third among world food and agricultural exporters in 2000.  In 2014, it was the fifth largest exporter in the world, after the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and Brazil.  France’s turnover in food and agricultural products (FAP) reached €190 billion in 2013 and scored a net surplus of €9.1 bn in its trade balance in 2014 (€58.2 bn exports vs. 49.1 bn imports), coming third after aeronautic industries and chemical/cosmetics industries.

Gourmet food items are prestigious icons of French expertise and gourmet export turnover have reached a €6.5-bn high in 2014, almost equal to dairy products.  Leading among exports of French gourmet foods are bakeries, sweet pastries and viennoiseries (27%), chocolates (23%), fine cheese (12%) and honey and jams (5%).  Growth of French bakery/sweet pastry exports rose by 30% in 5 years, with 82% of exports destined to EU countries, especially Eastern and Northern European countries seeking premium bakery-pastry.

A French company not to be missed: Escargot Courbeyre. The French company is part of France’s culinary heritage. Its products are noble and of uncompromising quality. Escargot Coubeyre is using a unique integrated process, allowing to manage each step in the production from wild escargots to the final product, optimizing and securing the escargot supply.

L’Escargot Courbeyre France prepares more than 160 million escargots each year in all its different forms, such as:  in shells , in puff pastries, but also Canned.

Since 1984 in France, the French company Escargot Courbeyre produces and distributes fresh, canned and frozen products all around the world.

Antoine COMBES – Export Manager of L’Escargot Courbeyre said: “We have launched our international development several years ago, and we currently sell our products in many countries (Belgium, England, Germany, Canada, Finland, Singapore, etc.). We are now turning towards the United Arab Emirates where we want to develop a partnership in the long run. We are looking for a partner, importer/wholesaler, to launch our products in Supermarket chains, fine food stores and to supply high-end restaurants.” He added: “Our priority is to always offer high quality gourmet products  and solutions to our customers. The quality of our products is recognized by our customers and that is why we supply several starred chefs. We are especially proud of supplying Serge VIEIRA, named Best World’s Chef (Bocuse d’Or) in 2005 and who is currently chef for a two Michelin stars restaurant in France.”

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