UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science to Accept Letters of Intent for Second Cycle until February 16, 2016

Abu Dhabi – MENA Herald: The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science has announced February 16, 2016 as the closing date for accepting letters of intent from researchers interested in participating in its second cycle. The second cycle of the program commenced on January 19 following the award ceremony that recognized three research teams from Japan, the UAE, and Germany in the inaugural cycle.

Although not a mandatory requirement, the letter of intent is encouraged to enable the program Secretariat to examine proposal ideas with regard to meeting eligibility requirements and facilitate their categorization for the pre-proposal review process.

Reflecting on this new phase of the program, Alya Al Mazroui, Manager of the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, said: “In its first cycle, the program received countless expressions of interest from around the globe. After the selection and recognition of the deserving research teams from Japan, UAE and Germany, we expect the second cycle to register more interest, innovation and progress in this field of research that the UAE is actively encouraging and investigating.”

She added: “The notable standard of scientific research in the UAE and its ability to compete on the global front of scientific competitions was apparent with the selection of a research team from the UAE as one of the awardees. Given this focus on excellence, we urge local universities and research institutions to take part in the second cycle, and hope to receive more outstanding local submissions that contribute to driving innovation in the field of rain enhancement to help us achieve our goal of improving rainfall in arid and semi-arid regions around the world.”

The program welcomes research proposals that cover a wide gamut of scientific topics related to developing rain enhancement operations, including but not limited to the fundamental understanding of rainfall enhancement such as cloud microphysics, dynamics, and thermodynamics, aerosol/cloud interactions, precipitation particle formation and mechanisms of rainfall. Project proposals can also be based on the characterization of cloud seeding materials and the impact of cloud seeding methods on cloud systems, now-casting and forecasting weather to properly time cloud seeding operations, data modelling, analysis and evaluation, as well as experimental design, technologies, and instrumentation.

Researchers, scientists and technologists from around the world are now invited to participate through the new portal of the program, at, which also offers comprehensive details on eligibility and registration.

Participation involves a three-step process outlined below:
By February 16, 2016: Submission of the Letter of Intent (LOI)
By March 17, 2016: Submission of pre-proposals; these are mandatory and all referenced documents must be submitted through the website. Those invited to submit full proposals will be notified on May 17.
By August 17, 2016: Full project proposals are due.

The application process requires the completion of all online forms, an outline of the basic project management procedures and a list of project staff. The application material can be downloaded in PDF format from the website and completed online. Applicants will receive an email confirming the successful receipt of their Letter of Intent.
Through its ongoing intensive research initiatives and experiments, the program aims to advance the science, technology and implementation of rain enhancement, and spur additional investments in research funding and partnerships globally, and to increase rainfall in the UAE and other arid and semi-arid regions. These goals are pursued through four key objectives of the program: enhancing the level of research and innovation in the field, advancing scientific understanding of rainfall enhancement, advancing state-of-the-art techniques in rainfall enhancement practice and operation, and further developing capacity in the field both locally and globally.
The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, launched in early 2015 by the Ministry for Presidential Affairs of the United Arab Emirates and overseen by the National Centre of Meteorology & Seismology (NCMS), offers a grant of US$5 million dollars over a three-year period to be shared by up to five winning research proposals, selected by a two-stage merit review decision process.

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