ZEROTECH Launches Foldable Selfie Drone DOBBY and 3-Axis Gimbal Camera ROLLCAP at GITEX 2016

Dubai – MENA Herald: ZEROTECH, a world leading supplier of smart drones and smart UAVs, today announces the launch of two pocket-size gadgets at GITEX Technology Week 2016(Hall 8, D8-20), DOBBY and ROLLCAP. DOBBY, a foldable selfie drone with intelligent features, helps you master aerial photography within five minutes. The waterproof 4K 3-axis gimbal camera, ROLLCAP, enables you to take steady shots and edit them in one go.

“The nascent Middle East consumer drone market shows great potential and we are keen to tap into this with the launch of ROLLCAP and DOBBY. We pride ourselves in making our technologies available to everyone, and the pocket-friendly, easy-to-use ROLLCAP and DOBBY are a testament to that,” said Vincent Ma, Vice President of Sales, ZEROTECH.

Pocket-Size, Foldable DOBBY: Made for Everyone and for Everyday Life
With its patented design, DOBBY is lightweight and can fold up to fit into your pocket, making it a great companion for capturing your life. Despite weighing a mere 199g, DOBBY combines the best in class technologies characteristic of high-performance drones, including 3-axis electronic image stabilization system, gesture control and target tracking, making DOBBY one of the few drones that uses CV technology rather the GPS to enhance precision within a short reaction time.

Whether you’re out and about, or hosting a house party, the easy-to-use DOBBY will help you capture unforgettable moments anytime, anywhere. Featuring motion guided control connected to your smartphone, DOBBY provides a simple, intuitive user interface, enabling consumers to utilize features such as palm take-off and landing, voice-enabled control and dual satellite positioning with ease. The drone includes a 13 megapixel camera with a field of view of 75° and 1080p FHD video capabilities, producing crystal-clear pictures and videos, even from a distance.

DOBBY’s quad-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor takes intelligent drones to the next level through enabling powerful, complex computing.

Film Memories on the Go with ROLLCAP
Ever wished you could capture the blink-of-an-eye fun in road trips, surf camps or friends’ parties? Now ROLLCAP helps you record your slice of life quickly and steadily. Unlike traditional action cameras, ROLLCAP combines a camera with a minimized hand-held gimbal to deliver stabilized photography and portability. With this gimbal camera, worry no more about shaky hands while moving around. It combines a built-in 3-axis stabilization system with ZEROTECH’s Precise Gimbal Control Technology for smooth videos. The best scenes are often gone as soon as you start fumbling for your camera. That’s why ROLLCAP lets you take your shots in one button. Once you get it on camera, you simply need another click to upload it on social media.

The 4K video capture and 94° lens in ROLLCAP empowers you to take videos or photos in impressive detail, capturing life as it is. You can even bring your vision to life by filming, adding special effects or editing on the go. Whether you want to accentuate movement with slow motion or record the passage of time with time lapse, you can choose from various modes to intensify the moment you want to remember.

Weighing less than half a pound, ROLLCAP is lighter and slimmer than a can of soda, making, it the world’s smallest gimbal camera. It is compatible with various accessories and can be paired with an optional waterproof protective case, so you can go underwater with the camera, or even mount it on your bike or skateboard.

Geared up for Market Expansion
Headquartered in China, ZEROTECH has ambitions to use its nine-year drone-making experience to expand its business in the Middle East. With the launch of its very first pocket-size consumer drone DOBBY, ZEROTECH is set to grow its user community by launching more online and offline initiatives in the United Arab Emirates. ZEROTECH also plans to optimize the commercial market by launching more products, including heavy-load logistic drones with long flight time.

DOBBY will retail at AED 1,599 and will be available late October onwards in the following retails stores across the UAE: Emax, Jumbo Electronics, Streamsport, Star Hobby Center and Promak.

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