DEWA’s ‘Change begins with us’ campaign targets over 20,000 people

Dubai – MENA Herald: Dubai adopts a firm approach to protecting natural resource and rationalising energy and water use in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The Emirate implements a clear strategy and innovative plans to establish the foundations of sustainable development.

To support these goals, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) regularly launches social awareness campaigns and programmes to promote the rational use of energy and water and raise environmental awareness among Dubai’s residents and visitors. The ‘Change begins with us’ campaign encourages customers to limit their energy use during peak-load hours from 12-6pm. This significantly supports the continuous efforts to promote the sustainable development of Dubai. It also urges residents to adopt a sustainable way of living to ensure sustainability of resources for generations to come.

The ‘Change begins with us’ campaign encourages individuals to limit using appliances that consume a lot of electricity such as irons, washing and dryer machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and electric ovens during peak-load hours. It encourages the public to use them in the mornings or evenings whenever possible to reduce pressure on the electricity network.

DEWA works to achieve the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 to reduce energy demand by 30% by 2030. Our efforts support the Demand Side Management Strategy, which has 8 programmes. These include: green building regulations, retrofitting of existing buildings, district cooling, wastewater reuse, laws and standards to raise efficiency, and energy-efficient street lighting,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA.

“DEWA is proactive in launching awareness programmes and innovative initiatives to encourage society to adopt positive behaviours in their daily lives that contribute to rationalising electricity and water use. To supports its vision to become a sustainable innovative world-class utility, DEWA organises integrated initiatives and awareness programmes throughout the year for Dubai’s residents and visitors, government departments, and commercial and industrial organisations. These strengthen the foundations of environmental sustainability by reducing energy use and encouraging people to adopt a conscious and responsible lifestyle to ensure sustainability of resources for generations to come,” added Al Tayer.

The peak load campaign included a number of activities and events organised by DEWA’s Conservation Team in July and August 2015. The team visited many areas in Dubai to reach all society. The Conservation Team visited government departments, Ramadan tents, mosques, and shopping malls to raise awareness on the objectives of the ‘Change begins with us’ campaign. The campaign had stands in shopping malls such as Etihad Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, and Barsha Mall that targeted both shoppers and employees.

The team gave awareness lectures in a number of government departments including the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department. The presentation was attended by Dr. Abdullah Al Kamali, Director of Maktoum Holy Qur’an Memorization Project and 180 staff. The team also gave a presentation at the Dubai Civil Defence headquarters where a large number of staff attended.

DEWA’s Conservation Team gave an awareness lecture to over 500 people at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai. In August, the team visited Dubai Customs, Dubai Municipality, and Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing department, where around 150 employees attended the awareness session.

The team organised awareness sessions in many private companies including Legrand for electrical solutions in Dubai Silicon Oasis where around 60 employees were briefed, in English, on the campaign and its objectives. The team organised awareness sessions to 150 employees at Villa Rotana. Other places where they held awareness sessions included Dragon Mart and Farnek Total Facilities Management.

The team organised site visit to the International Modern Hospital to raise awareness among patients and staff on the objective of the campaign. The Conservation Team concluded their activities in August by running a work shop to over 100 students in Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children.

DEWA set up special booths in two of its customer service centres to directly reach its customers.

The campaign has achieved great success and received overwhelming response from residents. It targeted about 20,000 people from different groups. The campaign concluded by the end of August.

Using electrical appliances and equipment during peak-load hours in the summer adds to the load on the power grid. By launching the ‘Change begins with us,’ DEWA informs customers about ways to contribute to reducing the load on the power-generation system by using electrical devices during off-peak hours. For example, air-conditioning uses 60% of the total electricity load. Reducing air-conditioning use or increasing the temperature even slightly, benefits customers by reducing their electricity bills, and increases the overall efficiency of the electrical system.

Reducing electricity use during peak-load hours contributes to improving the efficiency and reliability of the transmission and distribution networks and helps reduce the amount of fuel needed to produce energy. This supports our efforts to reduce the Emirate’s footprint and enhance the happiness and well-being of residents and provides an ideal and healthy environment for living, work, and tourism

DEWA is urging its customers to complete the Peak-Load survey on It is available in Arabic and English on DEWAs’ website. Customers’ feedback will allow DEWA to develop recommendations and future plans for improving network performance, complementing its goal to provide electricity and water in Dubai according to the highest international standards to ensure a sustainable future.

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