GE Lighting puts the spotlight on LED-powered ‘Intelligent Environments for Cities & Buildings’ at Arab Future Cities Summit in Dubai

Dubai – MENA Herald: GE Lighting (NYSE: GE) is putting the spotlight on the intelligent transformation of cities and buildings by leveraging its LED solutions at the second Arab Future Cities Summit to be held on November 2 & 3, 2015, at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa.

Held under the patronage of the Government of Dubai, Dubai Municipality, the Arab Future Cities Summit is the foremost ‘smart cities’ event that discusses the latest technologies in smart city development, efficient resource use management and innovation. GE Lighting is the event’s Smart Lighting Partner.

GE Lighting has a dedicated booth at the event that highlights how its LED lighting solutions are helping cities achieve ‘smart transformation’ and value creation through energy and maintenance savings. A special showcase of GE Lighting’s participation is the application of the Industrial Internet in lighting to help build ‘Intelligent Environments for Cities and Buildings.’ The Industrial Internet is the integration of machines, data and people so that they can perform better, faster, safer, and more reliably.

GE’s Intelligent Environment for Cities solution provides cities with customized solutions for individual cities. It not only allows municipal authorities to control, program and analyze every single lighting solution in town, it also provides them with intelligent insights. Potential future solutions within the platform include: Mobility & Transportation, Public Safety & Security, Energy, Environment & Weather, Maintenance & Operations, Physical Infrastructure, Communications, and Resource Conservation.

Bill Ruh, GE’s Chief Digital Officer, will address the Summit and discuss Intelligent Cities on November 2. “By capitalizing on the economies of scale, the Industrial Internet of things has to offer will enable intelligent cities to capitalize on actionable insights that drive efficiency gains, resource savings, and service innovation,” he said.

GE is leading this effort and Ruh will describe, in this talk, the formation of a cloud-based platform-as-a-service and how intelligent cities can take advantage of it to better manage data.

Exploring the convergence of software and analytics with urban development to help turn challenges into opportunities, Intelligent Cities are a major source of cost advantage. The new wave of industrial software applications and services harness streams of real-time data, generated by systems, facilities and machines connected to one another and to people, in the cloud. Urban centers, city leaders and citizens will benefit tremendously from the ubiquitous connectivity of smart devices, computing in the cloud, open APIs and the collation of data from different infrastructure layers.

Lighting is no longer just about seeing, but about sensing and connecting to create a brighter environment — in cities, shops and at home. GE’s Industrial Internet, applied to the lighting solutions of cities, not only help in solving underlying infrastructure challenges but also deliver efficiency by lowering costs for lighting. It helps create ‘living’ cities where its components ‘talk’ to each other to identify smart solutions that will make the urban environments more efficient and environmentally sustainable than ever before. 

Ruh added: “GE pioneered the lighting industry with the invention of the first practical electric, incandescent lamp, and revolutionized the industry with the invention of LED lighting. We are now taking it to the next level with our LED-led Industrial Internet applications.”

Agostino Renna, President & CEO, GE Lighting EMEA, added: “A gateway to Smart Cities, GE’s LED systems are addressing urban city challenges from an integrated perspective and on a scale that is without parallel. With Dubai focused on its vision to transform into a ‘Smart City,’  and the ongoing preparations to host the Expo 2020, our lighting solutions that integrate big data analytics can play a defining role in achieving the sustainable & smart development priorities.

“We see tremendous potential for intelligent lighting solutions to promote urban infrastructure management with unprecedented ease while improving the environmental impact. GE is a world leader in the innovation, design, production and application of energy-efficient LED solutions, and now we are connecting them with state-of-the-art software to unleash a whole new potential for how we light our world.”

Against the backdrop of economic, environmental, technological and social mega trends, GE Lighting is leading the world in a new category; transforming into an intelligent infrastructure business. For cities, businesses and homes, the marriage of lighting and big data provides new ways to see, listen and learn – driving unprecedented efficiency, utility and experiences that will enhance our work, life and play.

At Arab Future Cities Summit, GE Lighting highlights the role that integrated LED lighting systems will play in smart urban environments of the future. LED fixtures and controls will illuminate when needed, while sensing environmental parameters that deliver desired outcomes, delight users and optimize assets. From assuring great light to promoting energy savings and sustainability, GE’s LED systems also contribute to greater controls and asset management and the development of the Intelligent City.

With GE’s Intelligent Environment for Cities solution, LED systems help translate millions of inputs into intelligent insights that solve some of the city’s toughest infrastructure challenges as applications are developed to support parking optimization to environmental monitoring, all while saving energy.

Furthermore, GE will highlight the journey of value creation by its LED Lighting systems – from energy and maintenance savings to the unlimited potential of the Industrial Internet. GE’s LED technology solutions can save 40 to 70 percent in energy consumption, and have already been used successfully in several landmark projects across the Gulf region. GE Lighting’s LED products are also free of mercury and lead, which plays a key role in driving environmental sustainability.

GE Lighting has a rich history in the Middle East having established long-standing business association with over 70 key partners over the past several decades. With a full-fledged team in the region, GE Lighting has several professionals driving the operations.

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