Schneider Electric Empowers Kuwaiti End Users to Manage Energy Using ‘The Smart Panel’

Kuwait – MENA Herald: Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation, unveiled its Smart Panel to Kuwaiti building owners, contractors, consultants and facilities managers to help them monitor and save energy in an effective, informed and consistent manner.
Company experts hosted the product launch at Kuwait’s Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa, where they shared insights on upcoming technology trends and the onset of Internet of Things (IoT) in people’s daily lives and businesses. The Smart Panel, they explained, was a step towards leveraging data from the IoT to better manage scarce resources and customize innovations as per market requirements and consumption patterns. The highly automated and digitized electrical switchboards on the Smart Panel offer consumers an array of benefits at the touch of a button.
As part of the event, Schneider Electric revealed the findings of its online Kuwait Energy survey, which explored key industry and technology trends, common challenges in energy management and most valued benefits of Smart Panel solutions. The results indicated that 33 percent respondents attributed the cost of energy as their biggest challenge in energy management, while 31 percent claimed it was the quality of energy. 23 percent of the respondents faced difficulties with maintenance and expanding equipment lifetime, whereas 13 per cent said system downtime was their biggest concern. When questioned on emerging trends in utilities, 23 percent claimed it is mobile technology. 18 percent said it was Asset Performance Management while 17 percent believed it to be advanced automation. Others chose energy storage, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data as the leading trends. When questioned on the business benefit they derived from the Smart Panel, 32 percent said it was energy efficiency, while 21 percent benefited from the real-time monitoring and analytics. 17 percent credited its improved power stability, while others suggested that it is cost effective and convenient solution.
Kuwait is one of the highest users of energy in the GCC, consuming more than populous industrialized nations such as the United States, India, Russia and China, according to a 2016 report by International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). As energy-intensive industries continue to grow, the demand for electricity and energy will proportionately rise. Energy and automation experts at Schneider Electric believe technologies that help monitor and manage energy are an essential investment towards sustainability.
Addressing the attendees, Enrique Pastor, Vice President for Partner Projects and Industry Businesses, Gulf Countries and Pakistan, Schneider Electric said: “Nearly 50% of all electricity produced in the GCC region is utilized by the residential and commercial sector. While industries work towards curbing their energy usage and turn to renewable options, we need to encourage energy and power management at the individual level. By investing in the right technology, each end user can be responsible for his / her energy spend. Schneider Electric’s Smart Panel offers data and analytics that keep users more aware of where and how energy is being consumed. Through a measure, connect and save approach, consumers can use automation to become more sustainable and responsible.”
The Smart Panel is equipped with advanced Ethernet and Modbus interface and the latest-in automation features helping end users and building owners control low voltage incoming panels to effectively manage energy. Demonstrating real-time data on circuit breakers and low voltage panels from main panel down to final distribution board in a user-friendly format, the Smart Panel promotes efficiency in space allotment and facility operations. This plug-and-play solution provides analytics of energy consumption by load, by hour, and by season to achieve peak power control and minimize electricity usage.
Contributing to building asset valuation and ensuring high HSE standards, systems that integrate the Smart Panel are ideal for new and existing buildings, such as offices, retail premises, hotels, and public buildings. It is also 100% suitable for industrial and critical buildings as hospitals or data centers. The innovation is now available in the Kuwait through Schneider Electric’s channel partners.

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