Kuwait Credit Bank Powers Service Excellence, Faster Time-to-Market with EMC

Kuwait – MENA Herald:  EMC Middle East today announced that the Kuwait Credit Bank (KCB) has invested in a transformational IT project aimed at empowering the institution’s vision and strategy to revolutionize financial services and customer experience across the State.

KCB has selected EMC VMAX® enterprise storage in addition to the EMC Avamar® backup and recovery solution to provision the performance, agility and reliability to support the bank’s objectives for excellence and innovation.

Powered by EMC solutions, KCB is leaping ahead in its journey as the transformation project allows the bank to drive time to market for new products and services, reduce costs and improve both employee productivity and workflows to extend their service excellence to customers.

Customer Benefits:


  • Fuelled Performance: EMC VMAX has helped enhance overall storage performance and EMC Fully-Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (Fast VP) has helped drive the performance of mission-critical applications to expedite service delivery and response times for internal users and customers.
  • Increased Scalability: KCB has established a strong foundation to effectively manage and support 50% to 70% anticipated data growth
  • Maximum Reliability: EMC Avamar allows the bank to provision high levels of data availability by creating a comprehensive end-to-end back-up and recovery infrastructure. The solution facilitates compliance with regulations and policies, extending an environment of reliability.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Following this storage and disaster recovery deployment, KCB has been able to drive lower total cost of ownership (TCO) from better storage utilization and heightened automation. The bank has successfully optimized allocation of resources and personnel otherwise needed for administration.
  • Foundation for competitive growth: The deployment allows KCB to provision better workflows, accelerate time to market and enhance the overall customer experience.

Customer Challenges:

A specialized financial institution, wholly owned by the State, Kuwait Credit Bank’s vision and strategy is directed to extend industry-leading services to citizens.

The bank strives to establish a benchmark in the financial services industry built on a strong ICT foundation that drives employee productivity, processes and overall customer experience. With that aim in mind, the bank selected EMC VMAX 10K to avail the benefits of the tight integration with VMware to support mission critical applications and provision the scalability to meet steadily growing workloads. EMC FAST VP significantly improved the performance of mission-critical applications for internal users and customers, by intelligently managing data placement according to activity levels.

In addition to revamping its storage architecture, KCB aimed to establish a trusted backup and recovery environment to better protect data and applications. EMC Avamar has successfully improved backup windows without adding any costs or complexity to the existing environment. The integrated variable-length deduplication technology allows KCB to create a centralized and highly automated backup and recovery environment to encompass remote branches and enterprise applications.  

The end to end deployment has enabled KCB to create a strong automation backed foundation that provisions the agility to meet 50%-70% anticipated data growth every year. The consolidated storage and backup and recovery environment has significantly reduced managerial complexity allowing IT teams to focus on extending innovation for business growth.

Customer Quote:

Tariq M. Alusaimi, CIO, Kuwait Credit Bank

“At Kuwait Credit Bank, we believe in the power of innovation to bring our customers unique, top notch services. As a leader in the financial services industry in the State of Kuwait, we aimed to employ the latest digital channels to provide our customer access to all our services anywhere, and at any time. With EMC we have successfully achieved this goal by establishing an agile architecture that is powered to meet the performance requirements of all mission critical applications today and in the future. This trusted, smart and efficient infrastructure is designed to support our vision to revolutionize financial services in Kuwait, provide our customers the fastest, most efficient and secure services.”

EMC Executive Quote:

Habib Mahakian, Regional Vice President, Gulf and Pakistan at EMC Corporation

“We are proud to be working with a futuristic institution such as Kuwait Credit Bank and assume the role of a strategic ICT enabler to support their vision and strategy for service excellence. Kuwait Credit Bank truly embraces the power of some of EMC’s best technologies to create a scalable, optimized and growth enabled foundation to empower business transformation. With EMC VMAX together with EMC Avamar, the IT teams at KCB can focus their expertise on introducing new products and services for their steadily growing customer base as these solutions take care of critical performance, protection and process requirements.”

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