GOIC publishes the 114th issue of the “Industrial Cooperation in the Arabian Gulf”

Doha – MENA Herald: The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) put out the 114th issue of the “Industrial Cooperation in the Arabian Gulf” Magazine in which GOIC Secretary General Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Hamad Al-Ageel wrote: “The 15th Industrialists’ Conference… Gulf attempts to draw more foreign investments to the region.” Mr. Al-Ageel explained that UNCTAD’s FDI attraction index revealed that the GCC region is receiving less investments than projected according to GCC countries’ ranks. He said: “Forecasts show an opportunity to achieve additional growth of the Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) should the global economy steer away from major tremors in the coming years. Thus, GOIC decided that the theme of the 15th Industrialists’ Conference would be “Foreign Direct Investment in GCC and its impact on industry”. The conference will be hosted by the State of Kuwait at the Sheraton Hotel on the 25th and 26th of November 2015 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait.”

This issue features a special interview with His Excellency Mr. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Chairman of Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Foundation for Energy & Sustainable Development and keynote speaker at the 15th Industrialists’ Conference. Mr. Al-Attiyah called upon GCC governments to focus on technological industries and technical education in order to create technically-educated people capable of coping with the post-oil and gas era. His Excellency said that income source diversification is necessary, but GCC countries must adopt a clear and specific mechanism to achieve desired objectives. He stressed the importance of sovereign funds as means to reinvest money and highlighted the necessity to focus on quality investments, guaranteed investments and good return on investment, while avoiding non-secured investments. Mr. Al-Attiyah talked about means to improve the Gulf investment ecosystem, overcome hurdles hampering foreign investments and channel foreign investments in accordance with GCC strategic plans to achieve development goals and maximise the benefit from these investments. His Excellency underlined the need to enact clear and transparent laws, in addition to tax policies guaranteeing returns.  

The issue also features a comprehensive dossier on the First Gulf Metrology Forum organised by the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting in collaboration with Qatar’s Ministry of Environment, the GCC Standardisation Organization (GSO) and GULFMET under the patronage of His Excellency Engineer Ahmad Bin Amer Al-Hemaidi, Qatar’s Minister of Environment. The event will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Doha, Qatar on the 14th and 15th of December, 2015. In this regard, International official studies estimate that the size of the global metrological services market is expected to be valued at 824.6 million USD by 2020. GCC markets are ranked among emerging markets in the area of international metrological services paralleling the rapid growth of the technological challenges.

Furthermore, the Magazine includes a detailed report on the latest updates concerning the 15th Industrialists’ Conference in terms of sponsors and initial schedule. This issue’s industrial report discusses the paints industry in the Gulf and highlights GOIC’s 2014 data revealing approximately 217 factories with about 887 million USD worth of cumulated investments and employing 17.7 thousand workers.

Editor-in-Chief Mrs. Abir Adel Jaber wrote “GOIC…Industrial Knowledge within the Reach of Everyone”, in which she said that GOIC is steadily moving towards its 40th anniversary. Throughout these years, the Organization accomplished several achievements, notably its vision to become “an internationally renowned, competitive and unique expertise hub  in the field of industrial consulting services.” Mrs. Jaber explained that since its foundation, GOIC endeavoured to spread knowledge and provide information relating to the Gulf industrial sector through data and statistics made available to a large number of concerned parties. In addition to that, GOIC offers various databases through the IMI Plus and more recently via the Gulf Industrial Knowledge Centre. The Editor-in-Chief concluded: “GOIC has made available valuable industrial information that can be reached with the push of a button. It is yet another achievement of this Organisation in line with its efforts to develop and expand its range of advisory and technical services.”

In addition, this issue includes several articles such as “Evaluation of the GCC Environmental Policies from 2010 to 2014” by Dr. Nozad Al-Hiti, “GCC Growth Indicators: a Safe Ship Facing Storms of Global Crises” by Engineer Ali Bahzad, “How did the fall of oil prices influence petrochemical industries?” by Mr. Bashir Kahlout, economic expert, and many other articles.

Moreover, this issue includes a summary of an industrial investment opportunity entitled “Soy Protein Concentrate Manufacturing” and the Magazine’s standard sections such as “GOIC News”, “Upcoming Industrial Events”, “Industrial Sector News” and specialised training workshops offered by GOIC in 2015 under the Training and Capacity Development Program (TCD) to develop the capacities of the industrial labour force in GCC countries and Yemen.

The Industrial Cooperation in the Arabian Gulf Magazine is a quarterly periodical issued by the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC). It features articles about GCC industrial and economic trends and new technologies. The magazine also tackles different economic topics including brief and in-depth analyses concerning the current economic and industrial circumstances. Furthermore, it includes reports about the industrial sector in the Gulf and challenges to new industries in particular. In addition to that, it features summaries about relevant industrial, economic and financial topics and articles regarding the current industrial ecosystem, industrial statistics with forecasts, industrial data and information technologies and industrial management. A full version of the magazine is available on www.goic.org.qa.

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