Noor Bank Launches Shari’a-Compliant Sustainable European Equities Index

Dubai – MENA Herald: Noor Bank today announced the launch of its Shari’a-compliant and sustainable equities index linked to European equities designed exclusively for the bank’s high-net worth and priority banking customers.

Depending on their objectives, Noor Bank’s priority clients can now benefit from investing in a basket of 20 chosen European equities that conform to Islamic principles and have been carefully screened for sustainability criteria reflecting the bank’s core ethical values.

The Noor Bank Shari’a Compliant Sustainable European Equities Index not only facilitates investors with access to a safer investment linked to European equity markets, but also presents them with an opportunity to increase their returns from this investment. The 100% capital-protected investment offers a fixed coupon for the first two years and the uncapped index performance at maturity at the end of three years.

Speaking at the launch of the Noor Bank’s proprietary European equity index, Hussain Al Qemzi, CEO of Noor Bank, said: “Noor Bank is delighted to enhance the quality of our offerings to priority banking customers through opening up access to a basket of ethical European equities that meet the bank’s strict Shari’a guidelines. Integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues can lead to competitive benefits. For a qualifying investor, in a climate of an uncertain global outlook, a product with a low risk low volatility approach to picking stocks is an attractive option. From a strategic perspective, this adds to Noor’s growing range of structured Islamic products. It is our constant endeavour to introduce a variety of innovative investment products to our clients and the new index is testimony to this commitment.”

Damian White, Treasurer, Noor Bank, and head of the team, said: “An equity linked deposit such as this one enables investors to gain exposure to equity markets without having to physically buy the underlying components. Products providing capital protection are a good fit for conservative investors seeking to explore equities markets while limiting the downside risks.”

Noor Bank’s Islamic structured investments allow customers to place funds with the bank and benefit from the opportunity to earn profits greater than those offered by regular savings products. For many individual investors capital protection is the most suitable option in the current economic landscape.

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