Dubai – MENA Herald: The Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) has launched, with immediate effect, a bespoke Cultural Awareness Presentation program for companies and institutions to have their staff educated in local Emirati customs and culture. The programs and seminars target both business professionals and groups currently residing in the UAE and visiting business delegations from overseas, and provide audiences with cultural insights and business etiquette tips to ensure that their businesses can optimize their success in the region. The presentations include key note speakers from notable Dubai-based businesses and various industry professionals.
Operating under the centre’s philosophy and motto “Open Doors. Open Minds.” the centre strives to raise awareness and demystify the local culture, customs and religion of the United Arab Emirates.
Mr. Nasif Kayed, Managing Director, SMCCU, said: “Our forefathers built Dubai with the vision of welcoming traders from around the world to settle and seek economic opportunities while peacefully coexisting with our local communities. Today this tradition continues on a scale many of us would find hard to believe only a few decades back. Through these seminars we can provide professionals with a better understanding of our culture. Knowing the culture of a country brings people together. It not only opens minds but also opens doors to many opportunities.”
In the past 15 years SMCCU has hosted several thousands of companies staff, executives, CEO’s and companies. The launch of the Cultural Awareness Presentations (CAPs) programme provides an easy platform for corporates to conduct in-house cultural training for their staff, which can take place at various venues around UAE, including their own offices, as well as at SMCCU’s traditional Emirati house in the Al Fahidi Historic District.