Diyar United Company Renovates and Launches Kuwait eGovernment Portal for Integrated eServices

Kuwait – MENA Herald: Diyar United Company, a Kuwait-headquartered ICT specialist, has completely renovated the Kuwait Official Portal (KGO) and re-launched it with more than 280 eServices and 850 content services. Over the years, and since 2008, the company has established and maintained the Kuwait Government Online Portal, which makes a number of government services available electronically to citizens and residents, government agencies, businesses, and visitors.

Diyar United Company has also assisted Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) in establishing the national standards for the integration of services on the eGovernment platform, and that was communicated to the various ministries, authorities and government establishments so as to ensure compliance and interoperability.

Bashar Atout, CEO, Diyar United Company said: “This eGovernment platform shows that the modern and forward-thinking Kuwait Government has the best interests of individuals, Government and businesses in the country top-of-mind. The platform itself brings together a fully-responsive design that is compatible with different platforms, and enhanced usability, which will enhance the reach and consumption of the available services on the platform.”

Diyar United Company have first developed and launched the Kuwait Government Online in 2008. At that time, it was launched with 40 eServices and 100 Content Services. Diyar United Company has completely built the Kuwait Official Portal (KGO) and had done complete software development, managed services, infrastructure and support for the Kuwait Government portal for the past years.

With more than 280 eServices and 850 content services, the Kuwait Government Online portal is a one-stop portal for multiple services from different ministries and departments.

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