Offeraty Shopping App Launches in Dubai and UAE

Dubai – MENA Herald: Dubai is now closer than ever to becoming the world’s smartest city thanks to many government initiatives taken in this direction. That is why a smart city needs a new smart mobile application that allow shoppers to enjoy a smarter and more useful shopping experience. Offeraty keeps shoppers updated about the latest offers and sales in shopping malls and centers in Dubai and UAE.

As Dubai significantly grows to be one of the world’s famous shopping destinations, Offeraty is finally here to satisfy an urgent need to connect retailers with their customers and shoppers. The app is available to download on iOS and Android devices and is easy to access by shoppers of all age groups so that they can explore all sales and discounts offered by shops on different products and keep them up-to-date with the latest discounts on their preferred brands. Offeraty can smartly recognize the user’s location and then displays the nearest shopping centers that has what the users search for in the application.

Offeraty is timely and is in line with accelerated developments in the retail sector as it covers 50 shopping centers in Dubai and the UAE at large. Keeping consumers’ shopping needs in mind, Offeraty secures an integrated software platform that makes it easier to make well-informed buying decisions with all data, prices and advantages available for making comparisons using Offeraty. This way, shoppers can explore and conveniently choose the best offers in malls and shopping centers in UAE.

Besides the advantage of offer search using Offeraty, the new application arrives with many other services ready for shoppers and consumers to benefit from according to their lifestyles and needs.

Download the app using the following links:


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