du wins big at the Service Olympian Awards 2015 for its Customer Experience Management

Dubai – MENA Herald: du, the fastest growing telecommunications company in the Middle East and North Africa, has been honored with best in class for two awards at the recent fifth annual Service Olympian awards. du was selected from within the initial 200 entries, which had been short-listed to 45 companies who made formal presentations to the panel of international and expert judges in the field of Customer Excellence. The categories, for which du topped the pile included the best Customer Experience Measurement and best Customer Journey Maps. du was the only telecom operator to be recognsised for its Customer Experience success at the  award ceremony hosted by Ethos, the integrated solutions company, in Bur Al Arab on 8th December. Ethos have developed the Service Olympian Customer Experience Awards to recognise private as well as public organisations in the UAE that have implemented successful customer service strategies.  The Awards support the development of ever higher standards in Customer Experience delivery throughout the UAE, probably the Middle East’s most advanced and competitive market.

The judges presented du the award for the best Customer Experience Measurement strategy which has been designed by du to measure and act upon the ‘Voice of the Customer’.  The creation of the VoC tools and insights now provide the company with 360 degree view of customers’ experiences and pinpoint areas of focus and action satisfaction which ultimately leads to more loyal and happier customers.  The judges commented on their positive impression on du’s use of the VoC data and analytics to support a company-wide strategy of improving Customer Experience.

In addition, du was presented the award for the Best Customer Journey, acknowledging the company’s approach to considering all moments of the customer journey and designing new and intentional experiences on a segmented basis. Customer Journey maps provide the company with a structured methodology to consider a customer’s needs from the moment of becoming aware, the process of purchase and onwards throughout a whole lifecycle of their interaction with the company.  The company has employed the tools in the redesign of call centre and on line/web experiences.   The clear customer journey maps proved to judges that du has a focus on customer-first service, highlighting actionable dedication to improving customer experiences.

Judge Philip Forrest, president of the international customer service institute commented “It is clear that du takes a customer-centric approach to all engagements with its customers and genuinely listens to the voice of the customer in order to take action. This approach to customer journey mapping and customer experience measurement has proved to the judges that customer experience is more than simply a tick in a box for du, but a brand culture which puts the customer first and foremost. For this, we find du to be above and beyond the competition.”

Commenting on the award, Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Commercial Officer, du said “For us, customer experience is not just a task but actually a culture by which we must interact and engage with our customers at all times. No matter why our customers interact with a member of staff, or any of our touch-points we aim to ensure that they will be instilled with confidence that they are our main priority. These awards are a testament to the hard work of the teams who have focused on instilling confidence in our valued customers and are a reflection of how the brand focuses on bringing life to life.”

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