EMS Launches Wi-Fi and LTE Network Monetization Service

Dubai – MENA Herald: EMS a leading provider of mobility solutions and services with 100+ telecom carrier partners across Middle East, Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Eastern Europe and Asia, announced its partnership with SOCIFI which is the market leader in secure and scalable Wi-Fi and LTE sponsored marketing, monetization and analytics. Under this exclusive agreement, EMS will introduce the application-based solution that enables network providers and telecom carriers to generate advertising revenue through their Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE networks.

“Carriers worldwide for many years have struggled with declining revenues, commoditization of services, competition, and are often being seen as a “dumb pipe” for social media and other popular applications. This partnership with SOCIFI and the introduction of its services in the region will change the current scenario. It’s one of the most exciting areas in the telecoms carrier industry and a chance for carriers to turn the tables on OTT players, as well as generate mobile digital advertising for their customer bases for the first time. Overall we see tremendous opportunities and this is a game changer for carriers and network owners” commented Mr. Zulfiqar Khan, CEO, EMS Mobile.

It is completely up to the network provider to set the ratio between the display of self-branding news, entertainment & third-party ad campaigns that generate revenue. For instance, network owners at hospitals or other public entities could choose to use the platform for self-promotion of services and offers only, while at an airport, the network owner may decide to set a ratio between self-promotion and third party advertisements.
Moreover, advertisers on the other hand can now also make the most of their advertising efforts through accurate consumer targeting based on location, demography or time. With features like day parting, demographic, device and geo-targeting, this solution makes it possible to have high engagement rates and is also a very effective tool for gathering customer feedback, distributing coupons, offers, targeted messaging as well as relevant App distribution.
EMS has already introduced the service in the Eastern Europe and South African market with Wi-Fi network owners, and is under implementation with over 20 other countries across the region. Through this service, network owners offering public Wi-Fi in places like malls, hotels, etc. as well as telecom carriers offering LTE networks can monetize and generate additional revenue stream on their pre-existing infrastructure through relevant and targeted ads shown to users even if they are not their SIM customers. Moreover, advertisers on the other hand can now also make the most of their advertising efforts through accurate consumer targeting based on location, demographic or time.

Zdenek Hornych, CEO, SOCIFI Inc. commented: “At SOCIFI we believe in disrupting the Mobile Data Market. In this complex digital age we help businesses measurably improve the communication with their customers. We believe in the future of Mobile Data Sponsorship & Subscribers’ Engagement and partnering with the local influencers and leaders is a part of our strategy.”

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